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The best is here. Cliff Richard, the Indian-born English musician and actor is about to deliver mesmerizing music performances across the country. Cliff Richard started as an aggressive rock and roll singer in the same league as Elvis Presley during the late 1950s and early 1960s. This was before the Beatles rose with their act. Richards's hit single "Move It" released in 1958 was declared as UK's first authentic rock and roll number. The star then switched to soft tunes with a mild road pop genre of music, at times moving into gospel.

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About Cliff Richard

The star has completed 52 years in the music industry with a large fan base. He has been one of the most successful singers of all time having earned hundreds of platinum and gold discs and awards. Amongst these, two Ivor Novello awards and three Brit awards have also fallen into his lap. Compared to other artists, he has had above 130 albums, singles and EPs making to the UK Top 20. Fourteen of his singles have achieved number one place in UK charts. Cliff Richard also commands distinction by having a number one single in the UK in five successive decades and is the most successful singles all time artist in the UK with sales of more than 18 million albums to his credit.

Richard has conducted countless concerts across the world holding many records for the same. He has conducted over 80 performances at the Royal Albert Hall in UK with attendance by 450,000 music fans. Another record held by Cliff Richard is for most performances at Wembley Arena where the artist has staged more than 65 concerts attended by close to 800,000 enthusiasts. Some other notable venues where the artist has lent most performances are the NEC arena and the NIA in Birmingham apart from the MEN arena in Manchester Cliff. In 1989, the artist gave two memorable performances at Wembley Stadium to celebrate his 30th year in music in front of 144,000 fans. His other performances include tours in New Zealand and Australia where he catered to hundreds of 0,000 fans attending the shows. He has appeared twice at Wembley Stadium in 1989 in celebration of his 30th year in music, over 144,000 fans attended the sold out shows. Cliff has also performed hundreds of times in Australia and New Zealand in cities including Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland captivating hundreds of thousands of music lovers.

His success in the United States has not been at par with his endeavors in UK. Still eight of his singles have squeezed into the US Top 40 three of whom found their place in the Top 10. These include "We Don't Talk Anymore" and "Devil Woman". His albums have achieved sales of about 6 million while his singles sales have stood around 10 million. Cliff Richard gained good ground in Canada as well selling 5 million records with two of his albums being accredited platinum status. He is a celebrated film, music and television personality in New Zealand, Europe, Asia and South Africa besides following in many other countries. More than 260 million records have been sold by him internationally.

Cliff Richard was born as Roger Webb in Lucknow, British India in October 1940 and got his early schooling at Christ Church School, Lucknow. At Maqbara, the Anglo-Indians often played music at various clubs where the artist had his first exposure. The family switched to England in 1948 where Webb's father found work in the credit control office of Thorn Electrical Industries. Roger went to Riversmead School from 1952 to 1957 after which he was employed as a filing clerk for a company called Atlas Lamps. Cheshnut now has a development of flats, Cliff Richard Court to pay him tribute. When he turned 16, his father got him a guitar which fuelled his passion for music and he never looked back ever since.

Owing to his massive contribution in the music field, Cliff Richard was knighted in October 1995 being the first rock star to be paid tribute. He was honored before Paul McCartney, Elton John, Mick Jagger and Tom Jones. One of his exploits includes entertaining the crowd during a rain delay at the Wimbledon Center Court in 1996. His single "Can't Keep This Feeling In" released in 1998 was a great success and was featured on playlists. Cliff Richard achieved 56th place in the 100 Greatest Britons list of 2002. Cliff was reported in June 2009 to proceed to Sound Kitchen Studios in Nashville to record a new jazz album. He also announced entering a deal with bluegrass singer Alison Krauss.

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