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Classified is the stage name of Canadian singer and rapper, Luke Boyd. Based in Enfield, Nova Scotia, he is also a record producer, responsible for hits by B.O.B, Ashley Coulter, Jim Cuddy, Joe Budden and many other hip hop artists. He has recently released a new self titled album and is currently performing a tour of his own. To get to see him perform live, buy Classified tickets. Boyd has been in the producing and recording business since 1995, the year he started his own label by the name of “Half Life Records”. He used the label to promote himself as an artist as well, and released a full length LP entitled “Time’s Up, Kid”. With his little project on the side, he spent many years working on his own material, and writing for other artists until he had made himself known as a prominent name in the hip hop business. He also attempted to break into the mainstream market at this time by going to various major labels in the hopes of winning a contract. It was finally by his ninth record that he signed a deal with “URBNET Records”, a company based in Toronto who agreed to distribute his album, “Trial & Error” all over the country. The album included duets and collaborations with a number of new artists including DL Incognito, Maestro, and Eternia. It performed exceptionally well for an independent release, becoming the top selling indie rap record of 2004. It also introduced the new talents to the audiences.

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About Classified

His career took off here as nearly 10 years of hard work began to pay off. Apart from “Trial & Error” doing so well in sales and on the charts, he was able to shoot two music videos with a big production. This was made possible through the constant support that he was receiving from VideoFACT, a company who believed in his talent. Thus “Unexpected”, and “Just the Way It Is” became the next singles, becoming huge Canadian hits. Classified did not leave his work as a producer behind; he polished his skill further by learning from other famous leaders in the business, Maestro Fresh Wes and Choclair included. That was also the year he got to perform with and open for a number of famous musicians on their tours. Worldwide superstars such as Snoop Dogg and Ludacris invited him to tour with them. He also joined others like Busta Rhymes, “The Black Eyed Peas”, Nelly, and Black Moon. This opened him up to a wider audience, providing him with many opportunities.
Another important time in his career came with his tenth record, “Boy Cott In the Industry”. This album too featured a number of other artists. By this time, he started to be known as a collaborator rather than a solo artist. On the subject, he commented on how he greatly enjoys singing and recording with other people because it allows him to be innovative and exciting, and paves the way for him to make connections and learn from people. This album also produced a number of top 10 singles like “5th Element”, “The Maritimes” and “No Mistakes”. For the third mentioned single, he recorded a popular music video which ended up winning the MMVA Award for the category of “Best Rap Video”. He also won the Juno Award in the category of “Rap Recording of the Year”.

Classified’s eleventh album was called “Hitch Hikin’ Music”. Just like his previous works, he produced the album himself. Critics all over the country called this his best work to date because he talked of many personal subject matters that gave his music depth. For instance, on “Fall From Paradise”, he sings about the challenges that come with being an innovative songwriters and the expectations that surround him all the time. Musically, he also took some risks in this album. An example is the track “All About U” in which he attempted a hip hop and classic rock crossover.  Other songs can also be read almost like a diary in which he shares his views on various subjects. On “Hip Hop Star”, he discusses how hip hop can be viewed as shallow with its glitz and glamour, but how no one should be judge on how much they impress others.
Classified released his fourteenth album in March of 2011 through a major label. This was entitled “Handshakes and Middle Fingers”. He is currently on tour to promote his latest work and is attempting to sell as many Classified tickets as he can.

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