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An American heavy metal band that has intrigued its audience with the long hair look and an unusual name is coming to give a performance that must not be missed. If you want to be part of a live concert by Cinderella the band and see them perform their all time hits then check out Cinderella the band tickets. The band has to its credit to have sold around 20 million albums worldwide. Some of the most popular songs of the band are “Shake me”, “Nobody’s Fool” and “Shelter Me”.

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About Cinderella The Band

The story of Cinderella the band is not a fairytale but a real one colored by all shades of life. Stardom didn’t come easy for them and the band had its share of struggles. With an aim to make original music, Cinderella the band came together in 1983. The initial members who were responsible for bringing the band together were singer-songwriter, keyboardist, and guitarist Tom Keifer and his friend bassist Eric Brittingham. The band came up with a rather unusual name for a rock band but the idea behind the name “Cinderella” was just that. They wanted the name not to be an obvious one and the name “Cinderella” for a rock band certainly served the purpose.
The modern rock band continued to sing in clubs and bars. However, it was only when Jon Bon Jovi noticed their performance and was impressed enough to refer them to his record company Mercury that the band really took off. According to Jon Bon Jovi, when he saw Keifer on stage he saw a star out there.  Later the band signed a contract with Mercury and the rest, as they said, is history. Cinderella the band produced multi–platinum albums and many single hits. In addition to this, there was a constant run of videos on MTV that kept the fans amused. It was Cinderella’s different style that made them stand apart from the rock bands of the 80’s and 90’s.  In the mid 80s, the band enjoyed its success and came to be known as a glam metal band.  Cinderella the band came up with its debut album “Night Songs” in 1986. The album was a big success as it ranked at number 3 on the Billboard charts and also achieved triple platinum status.
After enjoying almost a decade of popularity the band suffered from professional and personal differences. At the time along with changes within the band, a change in the musical taste in general was also observed. Taking in the changing tastes in music, the heavy metal band also shifted from glam metal and came up with bluesy rock sound in their second album “Long Cold Winter” in1988.  In 1990 they released the album “Tales from the Gypsy Road" and then came the “HeartBreak Station”.
As for the personal tragedy that made quite an impact on the band’s popularity, it struck in 1991 when Keifer lost his voice due to a neurological condition that affected his vocal cord. Keifer went through different therapies and developed a different singing style. This episode caused delays  and the fourth album by the band came in 1994. The name of the album was “Still Climbing” but it never climbed up the charts and that is when the band disappeared from the scene for a while. However, the band didn’t stay out of the limelight for long and after a while they reunited and bounced back. In 1996 they came up with “Once Upon A…” that was basically a compilation album of the band’s hits. Today they are still very much part of the music industry and performing in concerts and festivals.
Now back in the game, Cinderella the band is touring and it is your chance to see the 80’s rockers perform. Listen to the unique vocals of Keifer and the performance of a one-of-its-kind glam and metal band that is continuing to entertain its fan. The tickets are selling out fast; if you are in time you just might get your hands on cheap Cinderella the Band tickets.

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