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Chicago REO Speedwagon Tickets Tickets

Chicago and REO Speedwagon are soon coming to perform in an arena near you. The bands will be performing some of their greatest hits and the audience can expect an event full of energy and fun. Formed in the seventies, the bands from the United States have been entertaining rock music fans for decades now. Get Chicago and REO Speedwagon tickets today so that you don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this rocking concert live.

About Chicago REO Speedwagon Tickets


Regarded as one of the top ten best-selling US musical groups, Chicago is one of the most successful rock bands in America. Producing hit songs such as If You Leave Me Now, Hard Habit to Break, Hard To Say I’m Sorry and  You’re the Inspiration, the band is widely known for their radio-friendly power ballads as well as Peter Cetera, who was one of the original members of the band. Peter left the band to pursue his solo career. The current members Robert Lamm, Lee Loughnane, James Pankow, Walter Parazaider, Jason Scheff, Tris Imboden, Keith Howland, Lou Pardini, and Walfredo Reyes, Jr.


The band was formed in the largest city in the American Midwest, Chicago. Given the diverse population and various cultures in the city, the band members were drenched in a rich goulash of musical varieties and philosophies. The band emerged as ‘The Big Thing’ in 1967. They started to perform on the Midwest club circuit on a regular basis. ‘The Big Thing’ opened for “the biggest club band in the Midwest” called the Exceptions.  The band had the nerve to nick Peter Cetera, the bass player of the Exceptions. With Peter on board the band solidified their vocal side and renamed the band as ‘Chicago Transit Authority’.


The band relocated to Los Angeles in 1968, at the time members Lamm, Kath and Pankow were busy in writing original material for the band. The following year in 1969, the band visited New York to record their first album. Realizing that they had too much material in hand for one album they decided to produce a double album, to which CBS agreed after the band cut their royalties. The ambitious double album “The Chicago Transit Authority” came out with a bang. With musical compositions ranging from soul to rock music and audible influences from the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and artists in between them, the album made it to the Billboard and ranked at number seventeen.


The band changed its name to Chicago soon after the release of their debut album. The band released their eponymous second double album in 1970. “Chicago” was as equally ambitious as “The Chicago Transit Authority”. Joining Chicago on stage is REO Speedwagon, a rock band formed in 1967. Since 1972, the band has been led by front-man Kevin Cronin who is the vocalist. Initially, the band started out by performing small gigs in order to maximize their chances out of making a name for themselves. The effort paid off as the fans quickly realized that the band was something much bigger than an average college party band.


In the early seventies, the band’s perseverance and non-stop touring resulted in a jumpstart beginning for the up-and-coming rock movement in the Midwest. Their platinum album "Ridin' The Storm Out" set the ground stage for the explosive album “Hi Infidelity”. Released in 1980, the album sold twenty two million copies in the United States and about forty million copies globally. The album spawned quite a number of platinum and gold records which were also regarded as international hits. REO Speedwagon has worked on dozens of albums in the studio, has released countless radio spins and performed thousands of concerts. This extremely focused band has always had their eyes on the road to the future. Not a single year has passed when REO Speedwagon didn’t perform for their fans. They have once again hit the road to entertain them and will soon be coming to your town. Make sure you book your Chicago & REO Speedwagon tickets in time.