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Chan Marshall better known as Cat Power is known for her breathy voice and soulful music. Since her songs are reflective of her personal experiences they indeed provide a gateway to who she is as an individual. Emerging in the 1990s, Marshall did confront a struggling period as she performed as a supporting act initially. However she made people take notice of her for the first time after she opened for Liz Phair. The 2006 Shortlist Music Prize winner is now known for a volley of hits like “Nude as the News”, “Sea of Love”, “The Greatest”, “Cross Bones Styles”, “I Found a Reason”, and “Darling Said Sir”. Cat Power offers a diverse range of genres which over the years have helped her redefine her status as a musician to keep up with the changing music trends which is why her popularity has not diminished all this time. Buy Cat Power tickets to enjoy a mesmerizing performance by one of the most versatile musicians in the music scene.

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Cat Power

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Pathways to Paris: Patti Smith, Talib Kweli & Cat Power Carnegie Hall - Isaac Stern Auditorium New York Sunday
11/5/2017 7:00 PM

About Cat Power

Belonging to Atlanta, Georgia, the American singer-songwriter had a limited access to music in her childhood so she listened to her stepfather’s collection which included artists like The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Otis Redding. It was at the age of twenty, at the beginning of her career, when she was exposed to free jazz and experimental music scene by Glen Thrasher which eventually broadened her horizon. Speaking of the musical styles, Cat Power infuses many genres such as indie rock, blues rock, alternative rock, folk rock, lo-fi, and sadcore in her music. In her older albums, punk, folk and blues were more dominant as compared to the recent ones in which she has flaunted diversity with genres like soul and electronica among others. Marshall may have entered in the field of music in 1992 but her career did not pick up the pace until the late 1990s. Thus, after the release of her album titled What would the Community Think, her potential as a mature artist came to surface.
Cat Power has released many albums to date; Dear Sir, Myra Lee, What would the Community Think, Moon Pix, The Covers Record, You Are Free, The Greatest, Juke Box and the 2012 release Sun. Her recent albums have not only charted in the US but also in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, and UK. The 2006 release The Greatest hit the US Billboard 200 at number thirty-four garnering immense popularity and positive response from the critics who could not help but rave about the originality of the album. It fetched the sixth spot on Rhapsody’s list of “Alt/Indie’s Best Album of the Decade” which also stated that “The Greatest glows with the new ease…there’s a sense of joy coming through here that you’ll want to share with your friends”. Allmusic and The Guardian gave the album 4/5 stars while Tiny Mix Tapes gave 4.5/5 stars. The album has indeed been a turning point in Marshall’s career as it not only established her as a true artist but also helped her get a Shortlist Music Prize, making her the first woman to have landed the award. The album produced hits such as the title song and others including Hate, Love and Communication, Living Proof etc.
Juke Box, Cat Power’s eighth album released in 2008 charting on the US Billboard 200 at number twelve; US Top Rock Albums at number two; US Top Independent Albums at three; US Top Digital Albums on the third position and finally sweeping the seventh place on US Top Internet Albums. This album consisted of cover songs except for two named “Song to Bobby” and “Metal Heart”. The album received 4/5 stars by Uncut, Rolling Stone, and Mojo whereas Drowned in Sound gave it 8/10 stars. Some of the songs from the album are; “Lost Someone”, “I Believe in You”, “Blue”, “Lord Help the Poor & Needy”, “Don’t Explain”, and “Woman Left Lonely” which were originally sung by James Brown and the Famous Flames, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Jessie Mae Hemphil, Billie Holiday and Ella Brown respectively. Lastly, Sun is an electronic, indie rock, folk rock album which met with a positive response from the critics and her fans. The Guardian, Allmusic, Slant Magazine and Rolling Stone all gave the album 4/5 stars making it another hit of Marshall’s career. Avail the opportunity of getting cheap Cat Power tickets to witness another stellar performance by the singer.

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