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Make your way to Carolyn Eynon Singers next show, as the choir ensemble promises to provide the highest level of artistic standards. Those who are interested in becoming a part of the upcoming show should consider purchasing cheap Carolyn Eynon Singers tickets as soon as possible. The choir was initially formed to enhance the interest of audiences when it comes to popularizing the works of famous American composers. Over the years, the twenty five singers that make up the choir have gained popularity due to their versatility when it comes to performing different styles of music from contemporary music to sacred and classical tunes that consists of jazz symphonies, patriotic and theatrical compositions and operas harmonies. This diversity has been brought by the three artistic directors that have worked with the company consistently over the years, providing technical, choral, vocal and programming expertise that helps the team of singers achieve the true mission of the Carolyn Eynon Singers. So make your way to their next show by getting your hands on Carolyn Eynon Singers tickets without any further delay.

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About Carolyn Eynon Singers

The CES consists of three artistic directors; Carolyn Eynon, Michael McCall and Christie Kyhn. Carolyn Eynon is the founder of the non-profit organization that decided to establish the institution in 2007 in Phoenix. Carolyn initially established CES to cater to the community of the Phoenix area, but as its popularity and credibility increased, the choir started performing all over America.
Carolyn started pursuing a career in music when she received a graduate degree in the Conducting Program of the University of Michigan and became the first woman to do so. Upon her graduation in 1982, she went on to serving as the choral director for the Public High School of Michigan. After working there for ten years, Carolyn decided to move to Arizona in 1992 where she established the Arizona Arts Chorale in the year 1995. She worked as the musical director for this institution for over twelve years during which her company was able to work with Robert Moody, Jackson Berkey, James Sedares, Mannheim Steam Roller, The Phoenix Symphony Orchestra and Doc Severinsen. The Arizona Arts Chorale has performed at various prestigious places such as the Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and throughout the city of Beijing. During this time, Carolyn founded a twenty-member adult voice choir that has been known to perform throughout the area of Arizona; in hospitals, at local community concerts and in various baseball and basketball games.
Carolyn was then seen directing the Madrigal Chorale of Southfield in Michigan for the next eleven years, before finally moving to Phoenix to establish the Carolyn Eynon Singers. During these eleven years, Carolyn was also invited to work with the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and the Plymouth Symphony Orchestra. Currently, Carolyn is known to work with musical organizations such as National Society of Arts and Letters, Scottsdale Cultural Council Grant Committee and Phoenix Symphony Allegro. Due to her extensive work and contribution when it comes to music, Carolyn has served as an honorary chair and panelist in numerous institutions such as the Arizona State University Choral Union, the International Musical Eisteddfod and the Western S and R Chair of Community Choirs.
Her twenty five-member team of singers constitutes some of the most popular and experienced artists such as Sharon Jones, Clifton Gray, Linda Williamson, Kimberly Baney, Aimee Gajate, Steve Sugigara, Karen Weekes, Matthew Heath, Christopher Fagan, Michael Frassetti and Lisa Hahn to just name a few. These performers are professional sopranos and altos that have joined the choir from places such as Edmonton, Kansas, Michigan, California, Denver and Baltimore. Those interested in watching this powerful choir perform an intense musical session should consider making their way to the next performance. Avail this opportunity by purchasing Carolyn Eynon Singers tickets as soon as possible.

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