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Carly Rae Jepson is a Canadian pop singer-songwriter who rose to fame for her best known 2013 smash hit single “Call Me Maybe”. Born on November 21st, 1985 in Mission, British Columbia, Canada, Jepson made her way into the music industry by way of competing in season five of ‘Canadian Idol’ in 2007. She became an instant hit with the judges and fans alike. Through her captivating performances, her natural charm and flair on stage, Jepson managed to place third in the competition. This was followed by her setting out on tour for the first time on the Canadian Idol Top 3 concert tour.

About Carly Rae Jepsen

After successfully performing to packed stadiums all across Canada, Jepson returned to British Columbia filled with determination: it was now time to start her music career. She channeled her energy and her new experiences from her time on Canadian Idol into writing songs and recording new material. Soon enough, Jepson signed a deal with Simkin Artist Management and Dexter Entertainment, and the independent label MapleMusic Recordings.

After finally securing a record contract, Jepson began releasing hugely popular singles. Her debut single was a John Denver cover called ‘Sunshine on My Shoulder’ in June 2008. She then used her MySpace page to release subsequent singles such as “Bucket” and “Heavy Lifting”. Each song was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from her growing legion of fans. In September of 2008, Jepson finally released her highly anticipated debut album titled ‘Tug of War’. To share her new music with the world, Jepson set out on tour in support of her new album. She was joined on the road by Marianas Trench and Shiloh in early 2009 for a tour of Western Canada, followed by a national tour with The New Cities and Mission District shortly afterwards.

With each show, and with her music spreading, Jepson was gaining more and more fans. This led to her manager Jonathan Simkin signing her to his own label, 604 Records.

It also didn’t hurt her career in the slightest when pop super stars Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez began tweeting about how great Jepson’s music was. By sharing her with their legions of fans, Jepson gained a larger fan following and her international recognition went through the roof. To cope with this increased attention and popularity, Jepson signed with Bieber’s manager’s label School Boy Records along with Interscope Records, so that her music could be distributed internationally.

Her next release was the EP ‘Curiosity’ in 2012 which contained the massively popular song “Call Me Maybe”, which topped the music charts in over 18 countries. Her hit song also topped Canadian music charts making her the first Canadian artist to do so since Justin Beiber’s song ‘Baby’ in 2010. ‘Call Me Maybe’ also became the bestselling single worldwide in 2012.

To expand her market and appeal, Jepson then made her first appearance on the U.S. television on “The Ellen DeGeneras Show”. She appeared on Ellen right before releasing her second full-length album “Kiss” in September 2012. From this album, she released chart topping hits such as “Good Time”, “The Kiss”, and “Tonight I’m Getting Over You”. The album was very well received and won two Juno Awards for “Best Album of the Year” and “Best Pop Album of the Year.” In promotion of this album, Jepson headed out on tour with Justin Beiber on his Believe tour as his supporting act. This was followed by her first ever headlining tour, The Summer Kiss Tour, in 2013.

Jepson shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. In 2015, she released her third album titled Emotion. The album was critically acclaimed and featured songs which were heavily influenced by the 1980s. The debut single from the album, ‘I Really Like You’, even reached the top five in the United Kingdom, the top ten in Japan, and the top fifteen in her native country Canada.

After selling over 20 million albums worldwide, Jepson has established herself as a huge pop star. Her unique and quirky style combined with her catchy songs has led to her gaining a huge fan base. What’s more, she has toured with the likes of Justin Beiber, and thereby increased her fan-following. Don’t miss out on your chance to see Jepson perform live. You can expect to hear her hit songs and many new songs from her latest album.