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One of the finest musicians of the 70s, Bryan Ferry is best known as the member of the band, Roxy Music. He is a bona fide solo artist as well. This English vocalist has been producing hits since many decades. He is currently on tour, making stops in various cities where the fans are anxiously awaiting his arrival. So make sure you do not miss out on this opportunity. Purchase Bryan Ferry tickets as soon as possible.

About Bryan Ferry

Born in September, 1946, Bryan is a world famous singer and songwriter, well-known for his sartorial style and incredible vocals. He rose to fame during the early 70s as part of a group called Roxy Music. Ferry performed as the lead vocalist as well as the principal songwriter of the band. Roxy Music produced number one albums and ten singles that made it to the UK top ten charts during the 70s and the 80s. These singles include Virginia Plain, Street Life and Jealous Guy.  During his time with the band, Bryan Ferry made a name for himself with his innovative singing skills and the ability to write captivating lyrics. With his Johnnie Ray like intensity, the poise of Frank Sinatra and a charisma that matches Gainsbourg, Bryan Ferry is one of a kind.

After his  successful stint with Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry launched his solo career while still being a part of the group. His solo venture began in 1973 when he released his first album, These Foolish Things. The album showcased his love for the classic rhythm & blues and rock ‘n’ roll music genres. The album’s opening track is the Bob Dylan classic, A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall. The single was a great hit as it showed the emotional intensity of his vocals. The genius of Bryan Ferry’s vocal talents lies in his unmatched ability to combine two or more music styles. Whether it’s French chanson or hard edged rock, Ferry is able to blend these styles with ease. He does it so seamlessly that the end result has become his signature sound. The single The ‘In’ Crowd is a fine example of his incredible interpretation of the famous northern soul classic. The song itself has become an iconic fashion statement. He also produced some other great hits such as Let’s Stick Together and Slave to Love. Bryan Ferry has sold more than thirty million album copies all around the world.

Known as one of the most innovative singers and songwriters in popular music, Bryan Ferry is a treat to watch live. His strong presence has made him one of the most loved stage personalities. He has produced five singles that topped the UK Singles chart and ten albums that made it to the UK Top 10 Albums chart. He also received a Grammy nomination for the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album in 2001. Make sure you do not miss out this talented music artist’s live performance, buy Bryan Ferry tickets now.


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