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BSO has fast become a well recognized acronym for Brian Setzer Orchestra. The word “orchestra” does not seem to sway its fans off from the fact that it is actually a band which performs swing as well as blues. It was put together by the flamboyant Brian Setzer in the early nineties. Their first claim to fame came when the band performed a cover for “Jump Jive an’ Wail”. This number was originally a hit in the late fifties and was the reason BSO would become world renowned. 

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Brian Setzer Orchestra

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Brian Setzer Orchestra State Theatre - MN Minneapolis Friday
11/10/2017 8:00 PM
Brian Setzer Orchestra Genesee Theatre Waukegan Saturday
11/11/2017 8:00 PM
Brian Setzer Orchestra Rialto Square Theatre Joliet Monday
11/13/2017 7:30 PM
Brian Setzer Orchestra Taft Theatre Cincinnati Tuesday
11/14/2017 8:00 PM
Brian Setzer Orchestra Fox Theatre - Detroit Detroit Wednesday
11/15/2017 7:30 PM

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About Brian Setzer Orchestra

Originating from the Unites States, the Brian Setzer Orchestra finds it roots in various genres such as jump blues, swing revival and rock ‘n’ roll. They are currently under the corporate acumen of Surfdog Records, which is a leading record label from Nashville, Tennessee. The brain child behind the band, Brian Setzer was brought up playing instruments such as the baritone horn. His fellows from school often reminisce how he used to parade himself around school as a rock star of the nineties. Setzer remained focus to his aim of achieving greatness. He finally got together a whole assortment of musicians which he styled as band members. There were trumpet players, trombone artists, saxophone players along with a section that gave rhythm. Setzer himself was a big part in the band, playing the drums, guitars and also providing the vocals. Hollywood Records appreciated this budding talent that was running around clubs and parks trying to make a name for it. Eventually Hollywood Records would sign on the orchestra under their label.
By the mid nineties, this orchestra had two albums under its belt. The band was a recognized group all across North America. It is said that the band is responsible for starting a chain reaction for other bands aspiring to shine in the genus of swing revival. After being managed by Hollywood Records, the orchestra got an amazing deal with Interscope Records. It was under Interscope that the idea of orchestrating a cover for the 1957 hit “Jumps Jive an’ Wail” came up. It had become so popular that not many fans and listeners knew that this song was not one of Setzer’s original penning. Commercial deals started pouring in after its huge success. The Gap features the BSO’s lead song as their brand identity. A rise to fame was inevitable. Seven years of relentless performances and hard work finally saw the orchestra change from little-known to super star status. The tours across the country and some across the Atlantic were only inevitable. If you are a fan of this amazing orchestra or a fan of witnessing a live performance by a dazzling orchestra then get your Brian Setzer tickets and experience an orchestra that will blow your mind.
With swing revival on its way out by the late nineties, the Brain Setzer Orchestra had to change up a gear and bounce back into the lime light. With the not-so-glossy success of their last album called “The Dirty Boogie”, Setzer was set to raise the bar and keep his ship afloat. He managed to do it in style. He added to amazing background vocalist that added the needed spice to his band. They became such a hit that the word “Vixens” became synonymous with BSO. One of these vixens, the sultry diva-like Julie Reiten would later become Julie Setzer, Brian’s wife. As the new millennium has rolled on, so has the success of the orchestra. Their sixth album, “The Wolfgang’s Big Night Out” had phenomenal reviews from fans and critics alike.
Due to a number of constraints, both financial and personal, the Brian Setzer Orchestra did not hit the road for a complete year in 2008. They were back touring the US by spring in 2009, were also able to release the infamous album, “Songs from Lonely Avenue” and were nominated for a Grammy Award. Many fans believe that their favorite band should already be a part of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame. The orchestra is soon scheduled to perform live in a great venue, this is your ultimate chance of availing your cheap Brian Setzer Orchestra tickets and enjoy a truly memorable performance by this orchestra.

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