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The famous  rock band, Boston, will be performing at the US Cellular Center,  Cedar Rapids this August. The band is renowned for producing one of the fastest selling debut albums in the 1970s. It was founded by Tom Scholz who is a multitalented songwriter, producer, keyboardist and guitarist. The band produces a blend of classic rock tracks, combined with soft and hard rock genres.

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Tom Scholz began writing songs while he was still in University. From there he joined the band Freehold and met up with drummer Jim Masdea and guitarist Barry Goudreau. They later formed the band Boston and added vocalist Brad Delp to the band. The band's self-titled debut album was regarded as one of the best sellers in the US history. It sold over seventeen million copies just after its release and was a huge commercial success. Not only this but Boston managed to sell as many as seven million records of its second album, Don't Look Back as well. Some of the band's most famous tracks include Foreplay/Long Time, Peace of Mind,  Smokin', Amanda and More Than a Feeling.


Their spaceship themed guitars, is a unique feature of the band's performances around the world.  This makes the band innovative but it does not end their creativity. Boston continuously works to revive its music and original tracks by blending them with elements of progressive rock. To watch the band perform live, get your Boston the band Cedar Rapids tickets right away.