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Seldom are there voices pertaining to the folk and country music genre that gain critical acclaim and widespread fame at the same time. Save for the likes of Reba McEntire and Martina McBride, there are few great dames of country music, that is, until you hear Bonnie Raitt. Bonnie might have been working the strings in the background, but she sure hasn't been holding back when it comes to belting out timeless ditties and award-winning numbers. This nine-time Grammy award-winning veteran is teaming up the seductively songstress Sarah Siskind to create a music meld that can only be termed epic. So claim some Bonnie Raitt & Sarah Siskind tickets for beholding a dual-edged country crooning phenomenon that will serenade and charm you with its seasoned vibes and innovative tunes.

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About Bonnie Raitt Sarah Siskind

Even before she had a chance to start building up her country career, Bonnie Raitt was born into prominence, what with having John Raitt, a Broadway musical sensation, as a father and an accomplished pianist as a mother. She developed a unique style of guitar playing from an early age, something that she would later recall as the "bottleneck" style. After graduating from high school, Bonnie started associating with Dick Waterman, a then sexagenarian blues promoter. She decided to take a semester off in her freshman year and moved to Philadelphia, causing considerable irk to her parents. However, this was the "flower power" decade of the sixties and norms and values were being perpetually questioned and redefined. The scintillating performing style of Bonnie Raitt & Sarah Siskind will also make you question your perception of folk and country music.  
After getting herself signed onto Warner Bros., Bonnie released her debut self-titled debut album in 1971. The record was hailed critically and her soulful renditions and careful song selection was lauded. With her follow-up record Give It Up, Bonnie entered the Billboard 200 and achieved her first gold certification. Her subsequent albums, namely Takin' My Time, Streetlights and Home Plate saw her progress in the top-100 of Billboard 200 and the rest of the 1970s records, Sweet Forgiveness and The Glow as well as Green Light saw her enter the top-40 of Billboard 200. Although Bonnie Raitt suffered a setback with her 1986 album Nine Lives, she emerged at the tippy-top of Billboard 200 with Nick of Time in 1989. The penta-platinum record was followed by the 1991's Luck of the Draw that proved to be her luckiest studio offering by being certified a whopping seven times platinum in the US and four times in Canada. This was followed by another chart-topper three years later, namely Longing in Their Hearts that itself claimed a double-platinum certification. Bonnie last four records have all gone top-twenty on Billboard 200, with her 2012 album Slipstream peaking at the 6th spot. Bonnie has also scored five top-40 singles on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, including the top-ten track "Something to Talk About". You will have a lot to talk about after clinching some cheap Bonnie Raitt & Sarah Siskind tickets.
Having been in the music business for around a decade, Sarah Siskind has carved a niche for herself as somewhat of a musician, vocalist, and songwriter extraordinaire. Having grown up in a musically inclined family that hails from North Carolina, she displayed her prodigious piano playing at the tender age of four and penned her first song before even breaking into her teens, astonishingly finishing her first album three years later. Upon her turning 21, she had already released her third album and relocated to Nashville at the turn of the millennium. Her 2002 record Covered, despite the tributary title, encapsulated a full range of her soul stirring vocals and established her symphonic fecundity that was later tapped into by the likes of Grammy-winning bluegrass sensation Alison Krauss. Sarah's penned number "Simple Love" was the leading track of Krauss's 2007 compilation album and received a Grammy nod for "Best Female Country Performance". Sarah has also famously collaborated with the up and coming indie act Bon Iver who performed her “Lovin’s For Fools” as the concluding single of each of their concerts during their European Tour in 2008, with Sarah joining them on stage as well later in the Big Apple. So latch on to some Bonnie Raitt & Sarah Siskind tickets for indulging your symphonic senses in a melodic tapestry tinged with soulful hues and uplifting tunes.

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