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With the fiftieth anniversary of the formation of Grateful Dead in 2015, Bob Weir urges the surviving members of the band to embark on a tour for a commemorative event. The band Grateful Dead was a strong presence on stage for thirty years until one of the band’s members Jerry Garcia died. The group has since then splintered into a string of smaller ensembles. The other band members include Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann and Phil Lesh. In 1967, Mickey Hart also joined in. The musical legacy of Bob Weir is still glaring and the musician is on tour performing live everywhere in the country. The artist will perform at the Capital Theatre in Port Chester for several days, starting March 1st, 2014. To watch him on stage, grab your Bob Weir And Ratdog tickets.

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Bob Weir started his singing career with the band Grateful Dead with psychedelic rock and rock music style. After the group disbanded in 1995, Bob started performing with The Other Ones and many other ensembles. During his time with the Grateful Dead, Bob mostly played rhythm guitar and served as a vocalist, singing several rock ‘n’ roll tunes in his three decade career with the band. Bob released his debut solo record, “Ace” in 1972. Though it was Bob’s solo album, yet he included Grateful Dead’s members in it, as a backing band. The track list consists of such concert-staples-songs as "Greatest Story Ever Told", "Looks Like Rain" and "One More Saturday Night.” Two of the album’s singles "The Main Ten" and "The Pump Song” appeared on Hart's Rolling Thunder. “Heaven Help The Fool” came out in 1978 consisting of singles like "Bombs Away", "Wrong Way Feelin”, "I'll Be Doggone" and "Salt Lake City." Bob has released over ten records in his singing career and most of them have been critically acclaimed. During the live performances, Bob Weir is known to create magic in a musical evening with his amazing guitar riffs. Most of the time, Bob is accompanied by a great rock band of America; Ratdog that doubles the excitement among the present audiences. That is mainly the reason fans are always eager to get hold of Bob Weir And Ratdog tickets.


Ratdog started as Grateful Dead’s side project that later turned out to be the primary band for Bob Weir. The group performs the popular tunes of Grateful Dead with a blend of covers and some originals. The repertoire of Ratdog consists of more than one hundred and fifty tracks. Ratdog played its first concert in 1995. It was a major hit. The band released its debut album, “Evening Moods” in 2000, which featured Bob Weir. It also includes a guest appearance by Mickey Hart. The record comprises songs like "Bury Me Standing", "Lucky Enough" and "Welcome to the World." The band came up with its second album “Live at Roseland” in 2001. It was a live record featuring Bob Weir. The album mostly consisted of the tracks from the Grateful Dead’s songbook.


The band and Bob Weir on stage are true masters of their art. The spirit is so alive in Bob and the band while performing on stage. The upcoming show is anticipated to be one of the most exciting and fun-filled events as Bob has set off this tour after a long time to treat his fans with the best of his music. Get ready for an enjoyable music evening with these two amazing acts. Bob Weir And Ratdog tickets are all you need to be a part of the show.


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