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Bloc Party is an independent rock band from London, England. They have found fame in their hometown of Britain and in the United Stated as well. The group is made up of four members, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Kele Okereke, the bass player Gordon Moakes who also plays glockenspiel and synths for the band and provides the backing vocals, Russell Lissack the lead guitarist, and finally, the band’s drummer Matt Tong. They have received quite a bit of attention in the past couple of years that has resulted in decent chart positions and an overwhelming sale of Bloc Party tickets for an independent group.

About Bloc Party

The band plays mostly alternative rock music with a mix of punk, dance and indie. They have often been compared to other groups such as “Siouxsie and the Banshees”, “The Cure” and “Mogwai” and have listed them as their influences on many occasions. On the other hand, their newest album titled “Four” has been compared to the sound of rock band, Radiohead. Any Bloc Party concert brings for its fans an eclectic mix of the different variants of slow rock music and competent live performances where vocals are not tampered with and the instrumentation is completely on point.
The foursome started out back in 1999 when they performed at the “Reading Festival”. They were then solo musicians looking for work and seem to get on very well as they had the same artistic vision of where they wanted to be professionally. When they did officially decide to get together, choosing a band name proved to be difficult. They performed under many different names for a few years but by 2003, they settled on Bloc Party. Originally, it was Lissack and Okereke who decided to form the band. They began to look for members to form a proper group and cast Tong in an open audition that they set up. They found Moakes through an advertisement that they placed for NME magazine. They gained momentum when Steve Lamacq from BBC Radio heard a demo of theirs, a track called “She’s Hearing Voices” and loved it enough to play it and share it with Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand fame.
By February of 2005, the band put out an album titled “Silent Alarm”. That is when they hit jackpot and soon began to be known as the most exciting indie act of the UK. They won the “Indie Album of the Year” honor at the PLUG Awards in 2006, and their record was named as the “Album of the Year” as well. Since then, they have always been on the forefront whenever the magazine releases an edition to highlight indie music and their relevant artists. This record also reached platinum in sales in all of Britain.
They continued to ride on this stream of success with their follow up album, which they called “A Weekend in the City”. This record peaked at number two on the mainstream charts for all albums of the UK, and even performed surprisingly well in the American market, rising to the top 12 albums on “Billboard 200”. They did not wait very long to start working on another record and by 2008, they had already recorded, produced and released their third album, ‘Intimacy”. They stopped producing more albums after that. However, during the time in between, they gained a considerable amount of fame in the American market once more when their song “Signs” appeared in an episode of the hit CW network show, “Gossip Girl”. It also appeared on the show’s soundtrack for that season and their name began to be commonly acknowledged among young listeners.
The band is all geared up to release a new album in August of 2012. This will be called “Four”. So far, the singles that have come out of the record have been enjoyed by fans. To write this record, they decided to take some time off from performing live. They restricted themselves to the studio and began to demo several tracks, uploading them to YouTube to judge the fan reaction from time to time.
The album has already leaked onto the internet, so their fans will already know all the words when they go to see them on tour. The rush for buying cheap Bloc Party tickets has begun as the band releases two more singles to promote their new album.