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Many individuals derive a big rush from substances such as LSD, crystal meth and cocaine. However, there is a certain high that uplifting melodies create without subjecting your brain cells to a premature death. Latch on to some cheap Big Time Rush Dallas tickets to find out how. As if testament to the fact that the entire concept of a boy-band has not been put out to pasture, the American quartet of Big time Rush has been delivering its carefully contrived tunes for just a year longer than their British boyish counterparts, One Direction. The Big Time Rush Dallas event will provide a heavy helping of some bubbly boy belting.

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Spawned from the eponymous hit live-action show on Nickelodeon, Big Time Rush comprises of the foursome of James Maslow, Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt and Carlos Pena Jr. After being elevated to the real world from their fictional one of Palm Woods Hotel and being signed on to the mammoth media manipulating record label Columbia instead of the fabricated one of Rocque Records, the band's initialed debut album was released in 2012. BTR peaked at the 3rd spot on Billboard 200 as well as became a top-twenty record across the world. An otherwise lackluster track, "Boyfriend" was lent some musical cred courtesy the witty whimpering of Snoop Dogg, subsequently going top ten on the US Heatseekers chart. Some Big Time Rush Dallas tickets will surely deliver you exactly what the name claims.  Buy Big Time Rush Dallas tickets 2012 now for letting them "Elevate" you to new heights of musical mundanity.