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Bette Midler is one of the most popular American celebrities of all time. Midler is well known for her talents as a singer, songwriter, actress, producer and an entrepreneur. Bette rose to fame in the 1970’s and for some old fans she is still “The Divine Miss M.” By selling more than 30 million records worldwide, along with winning multiple Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards and Golden Globes, Bette Midler has carved her name in stone in the industry. During her career, she has received four Gold, three Platinum and three Multiplatinum certifications by RIAA for her albums. Grab your cheap Bette Midler tickets asap.

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Bette Midler

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The Edwards Twins - An Evening with Cher, Stevie Wonder, Bette Midler & Barbra Streisand Aventura Arts & Cultural Center - Aventura Miami Sunday
1/21/2018 2:00 PM
The Edwards Twins - An Evening with Cher, Stevie Wonder, Bette Midler & Barbra Streisand Aventura Arts & Cultural Center - Aventura Miami Sunday
1/21/2018 7:30 PM

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About Bette Midler


Bette Midler showed her talent at an early age from school. Bette was voted as the “Most Dramatic” student in her senior year. She joined the University of Hawaii and majored in drama, but left after studying for three semesters. She then stepped straight into the industry. She first played an uncredited role at the film “Hawaii” which was released in 1966. With its success, Bette shifted to New York and became one of the many young talents struggling to make a career in the entertainment industry.


Bette initially began her theatre career in 1965 by starting starring in Tom Eyen’s Broadway plays, “Miss Nefertiti Regrets” and “Cinderella Revisited”. Eventually she played another role as Tzeitel in “Fiddler on the Roof” from 1966 to 1969. Later in 1969, Bette joined the original cast of “Salvation”. With these little steps, Bette started making a name for herself on Broadway. She also performed in the first professional production of “the Who’s” rock opera, “Tommy” in 1971. Bette was later called on “The Tonight’s Show” to praise her brilliant acting in the show.


Bette Midler’s talent in singing was recognized while she used to sing in the Continental Baths. Bette’s first album was released in 1972, “The Divine Miss M”. It sold a million copies and was marked among Billboard’s Top Ten Albums. This album comprised some of Bette’s most memorable songs, including “Do You Wanna Dance?”, “Friends” and “Boogie Woogie Buggle Boy”. The last song was popularized by the famous “Andrew Sisters”. The album was certified platinum.


Bette’s second album was released in 1973, which once again reached the Billboards top ten and sold more than a million copies. Bette Midler was presented with the special Tony Award in 1974, after she played “Clams on the Half Shell Revue” at the Minskodd Theatre. Bette continued to release more albums and “Songs for the New Depression” and “Broken Blosom” came out in 1976 and 1977 respectively. As of today she has released more than twelve studio albums.


Midler’s very first motion picture “The Rose”was launched in 1979, the same year she released her fifth album. Her performance in “The Rose” received a nomination for the Academy Award for “Best Actress”. She also won the Golden Globe for “Best Actress”. She was later cast in other movies, including “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”, “Ruthless People”, “Outrageous Fortune” and “Big Business”.


Bette has also been cast as a voice actor in several movies, including “Oliver and Company”, “Fireball” and “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore”. Bette has also appeared or voice-acted in many television shows, including the famous “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”, “The Simpsons”, “Seinfield”, “the One Show” etc. She even had her own television specials, like “The Bette Midler Show” and “Ol' Red Hair is Back”, which received high ratings. In 1997, Milder became the recipient of the Women in Film Crystal Award, for her splendid performance in “The First Wives Club”. She was honored among the ladies who have helped expand the role of women in the entertainment industry.


Bette Midler began her world tours in the 1970s. The “Continental Baths Tour” was her first tour in 1970, followed by her “Cross Country Tour” in 1972. Bette’s “Kiss My Brass” show tour in the United States during 2003 to 2004 was a mega hit, as was the following “Kiss My Brass Under” tour in Australia. Bette Midler is out on tour again and will hit major cities in the United States. Grab this chance to see Bette perform live by getting Bette Midler tickets.


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