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Bette Midler is the perfect combination of talent. She can act, she can sing, she can write and she has done all of those very successfully. Midler started out performing on various Off-Broadway musicals in the early 1960s and finally got to Broadway productions by the late 1960s. While she was appreciated for her talent, it wasn’t until the 1970s when she started performing at the Continental Baths that she really hit it big. She developed a cult following through her performances and soon she was getting work everywhere.

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Midler made her acting debut in 1979 with “The Rose”. The role won her an Academy Award nomination along with two Golden Globe Awards. Since then, she has appeared in numerous Hollywood films and became a very successful movie star throughout the 1980s.


Despite finding huge success in Hollywood, Midler’s true love was always music and this is why she never stopped releasing albums. Her music has won her three Grammy Awards with 13 nominations. Her debut album “The Divine Miss M” received Platinum status while her 1990 album “Some Peoples Lives” was multi-platinum in a number of countries around the world.


Midler is now back on stage, singing her heart out in the It’s The Girls tour. She will be taking on stages all over the US and the Toyota Center in Houston will be her destination soon. Make sure you have your Better Midler Houston tickets when the star hits your town.