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Several extraordinary individuals from the music, theater and film industry have awed fans with their presence over the years. But the achievements of Bette Midler cannot be matched by a lot of them. The living legend not only conquered the film industry, but had successful careers in theater and music as well. She is a special talent who has achieved everything and has become a global superstar. Now is your chance to catch her on stage as she makes her way to the Palace of Auburn Hills. Get your Bette Midler Auburn Hills tickets and watch her do what she does best.

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Midler started off as a Broadway actress before she ventured in to the film and music business. She gained quite a bit of fame for her early theater performances but it was her singing that put her on the map. She started singing locally and gained a steady following which led to professional recording contracts and connections in the entertainment industry.


Midler has released fourteen albums to date with sales of over thirty million worldwide. Her film career has lead to more than fifty roles in movies and television on her way to garnering a reputation as one of the best in the business. Her achievements have earned her three Grammy Awards, three Emmy Awards and a host of other prestigious honors. Midler is a living legend every way you look at it. She is now coming to you for an epic concert. Make your way to the Palace of Auburn Hills and watch her perform only for you.