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Since the time the Norwegian singer Jarle Bernhoft emerged on the music scene, he has provided his audience with countless moments of joy and entertainment. Besides the rhythmic fun and dance element of his music, Bernhoft also embodies a strong sense of wisdom and maturity which he translates perfectly into his compositions, thus evoking profound thought processes amongst his listeners. Bernhoft tickets are up for grabs as the singer prepares for his upcoming act at Troubadour in West Hollywood. Jarle Bernloft began his music career alongside Fridtjof ‘Joff’ Nilsen as members of a music band called Explicit Lyrics. Following the disbandment of the short lived group, both Jarle and Nilsen founded a Norwegian rock band named Span. This comprised of Fredrick Wallumrod on drums, Vemund Stavnes on bass, Nilsen on guitar while Bernhoft was the lead vocalist as well as the guitarist. Together they toured across Europe showcasing their performances at several cities and venues. The rockers produced two major hit albums like ‘Mass Distraction’ (2004) and ‘Vs Time’ (2005). They enjoyed a considerably successful music career until finally calling it quits in the year 2005.

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After the spilt, Jarle Bernhoft embarked upon his musical journey as a solo artist making a shift from the rock n’ roll sensibility of Span to a more individualistic funk and soul style. He made his solo debut with the album ‘Ceramik City Chronicles’ in 2008. The tracks comprising the record are a bittersweet account of Jarle’s relationship with Oslo, his native city and the capital of Norway. The album brings to life the distinctive old sound of the 60s soul music which according to Jarle has served as a huge inspiration and influence in shaping his sensibilities as a singer and musician. Some of the hit numbers of the debut album include ‘Streetlights’, ‘Fly Away’ and ‘Sunday’.

The success of the album earned Bernhoft immense recognition and adulation. While promoting his first album, Bernhoft toured across various places and within a short period of time earned the reputation of a high class live performer. This eventually paved new opportunities for the singer who was invited by the blues rock legend Joe Cocker to perform an exclusive opening act at one of his shows. The follow up album of ‘Ceramik City Chronicle’ was released in 2011 under the title ‘Solidarity Breaks’.  In order to expand the creative sound and content of the record, the singer collaborated with songwriters like Ed Harcourt and Jimmy Hogarth along with the multi platinum selling producer called Fred Ball.  Whereas the drum and bass rhythms of ‘Ceramik City Chronicle’ revealed a more generic and funk approach, ‘Solidarity Breaks’ carries many examples of the singer breaking away from the traditional norms embodied by the genre. 

The vocal melodies crafted by the singer put him on par with the likes of Amos Lee, Cee Lo Green and John Legend. The album consists of a total of thirteen tracks each of which has its own individual feel and character. However some of the most famous tracks comprising ‘Solidarity Breaks’ include ‘Space in the heart’, ‘In Tangerine’, ‘C’mon Talk’ and ‘Choices’. ‘Cmon Talk’ is the song which introduced the singer to the music audiences in the US. The positive response was followed by an invitation to Jarle to perform at one of the most popular television shows of the country called ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’. Apart from the thirteen songs, ‘Solidarity Breaks’ also boasts of two additional live versions of ‘C’mon Talk’ and ‘Choices’.
The multitalented music artist has also produced a double live album by the name of ‘1: Man 2: Band’. The first half of the record comprises the solo recordings of the singer at a jazz café of Oslo named ‘Kampen Bistro’, whereas the second half contains concert recordings of Molde Jazz Festival and Rockfeller where he performed alongside a full music band.

Jarle Bernhoft’s music is largely inspired by the old soul sound of Detroit, New Orleans and Memphis. However he maintains a strong individuality and gives melodious cohesiveness to his music. The singer loves to perform on stage. According to him having the whole stage to himself gives him enormous room to connect with his audience which further boosts his confidence both as a composer as well as performer. If you want to experience the various facets of his talent come alive on stage then do not delay in getting your cheap Jarle Bernhoft tickets.