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Benise is an American flamenco and rock artist from Nebraska, who has been active in the music scene since 1999. The guitarist's music has been released by Rosanegra Music and has caught the attention of fans of Latin music, as well as those fond of more mainstream music. His brand of music, which he dubs nouveau Spanish flamenco, has led to the release of many amazing albums and songs. His shows have been aired on PBS and its many stations, leading to an Emmy Award. With a discography of eight albums and two DVDs, he is a flamenco artist to see play live with Benise tickets in hand.

About Benise


Benise grew up in a farm in Nebraska, thirty miles west of Grand Island. He learnt how to play the guitar at the age of eleven and as a teenager, was a member of several local bands. He fell in love with rock music from a young age and planned to pursue a career in it. Due to the remote location of his town, he moved to Southern California in 1999. While there, he cleaned pools by day and played in rock bands at night. He was greatly influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, but since the time he heard Spanish flamenco guitar music on the radio, everything changed.


After listening to Spanish guitar music, Benise got a nylon guitar and began practicing. He merged his experience of rock with the newer flamenco, a style he dubbed rockmenco, playing Spanish flamenco inspired music like a rockstar. After being turned down by every club in the city, he founded a street group and began playing two hundred plus shows a year; anywhere tourists were about. His music was noticed and thus his band began playing in clubs. Soon, the flamenco guitarist was hiring venues and promoting his own concerts. Dubbed as Love, Music and Life!, this show was a massive success and led to Nights of Fire!, yet another phenomenal Spanish guitar show. It has since been broadcasted on PBS, after being recorded at Santa Barbara, California's Arlington Theatre.


The amazing Nights of Fire! show was inspired by Viva Spanish Nights, his self–produced concerts, and featured African drummers, samba dancers and circus performers. Its performances are often sold out even now. The guitarist has also turned down offers from record labels so as to stay true to his music. He rose to fame after producing a stage musical of sorts, aimed at PBS. This show was a massive success and mixed Brazilian samba and Argentinean tango with Cuban Salsa, Spanish flamenco, African drums and tribal chants. The production won an Emmy Award, with its music praised by many as a mix of blues, rock, salsa, jazz and much more. Many have even praised his shows as a mix of Cirque du Soleil and a Latin version of Riverdance.


Shows such as Nights of Fire! often include gypsy violinists, exotic drummers, flamenco dancers, percussionists and circus performers. Music played at the shows also often incorporates smooth jazz, new age and world music. Other musicians who often share the stage with Benise include Gilberto Gonzalez, Karen Biggs, Al Velasquez, Mychal Lomas, C.G. Ryche, Yussi and Jim Sitterly. This Spanish flamenco playing guitarist has also released a number of studio albums. The first of these was released in 2000, titled Taboo, followed by a second album during the same year.


In 2001, he released two albums; Spanish Nights and Romance & Passion / Europa. In 2002, he released Mediterranea, followed by 2003's Carnaval / Brazil. In 2005, he released Nights of Fire!, the album, followed by 2007's Cuba, Sentimento in 2008 and The Spanish Guitar and White Christmas in 2010. His latest albums are 2012's Live From China! and 2013's Barcelona Lounge No. 1 with Arkenstone. He has also released a concert album, two compilations and four live concert films. He can be seen live on stage after buying Benise tickets.


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