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Ben Taylor comes from the musical family of James Taylor and Carly Simon. Ben Taylor stepped into the music industry back in 1977, and just like his father, he worked in the genre of folk rock music. Ben Taylor is widely known for having the looks of his father, James Taylor, who happens to be among some of the living legends of the American music industry. Apart from the looks, Taylor also has a striking voice that sounds a lot like that of his father’s. Even though comparison is always made between his music and the music made by his parents, but still Ben Taylor has been trying mighty hard to distant himself from that comparison. One of the major reasons of that comparison is the fact that Taylor also chose to make music in the same genre as that of his parent’s.

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About Ben Taylor

Although Taylor was surrounded by musicians in his family, still he was not interested in becoming a singer at all in the beginning. Taylor toured around with his parents, and enjoyed nature a lot at his early ages. Taylor was brought up in Big Apple where he studied in various private schools. By the time he was in ninth grade, he had already learned how to play guitar all by himself. Taylor adored nature a lot, and after several visits to Asia and Europe, he at one point decided to become a gardener. But the fate had something else planned for him altogether.
In the middle of all that, Taylor still kept himself in touch with music and by the time he was twenty years of age, his cover of I Will by the Beatles was featured on a local comedy called Bye Bye, Love. Later on, Taylor record an album after signing a record deal with The Work Group records. But not so long after he signed his contract, the company went out of business. That turned out to be yet another let down for Taylor, but eventually he came to admit that music is the only thing that is meant for him and something that he can truly understand.
Prior to going solo, Ben Taylor initially formed up The Ben Taylor Band along with the members Larry Ciancia and Adam MacDougall. With this lineup, the group released its debut album, Famous Among the Barns in 2003. The following year, the Ben Taylor Band released a four track E.P titled EP #1. After not being musically satisfied with his past endeavors, Taylor finally decided to go solo and hence released a solo studio album in 2005 titled Another Run Around the Sun. The album garnered critical acclaim and was also seen on Billboard’s Top Heatseekers and Top Independent Albums charts. The album also saw a drastic change in the sound of Taylor’s music. As compared to his previous works with the Ben Taylor Band, his solo album had much more acoustic sound to it. The album also featured the backing vocals of his mother as well his sister, Sally Taylor who’s also a renowned musician in her own right. The album was produced by Kevin Bacon, who also played bass guitar.
Following the success that came with his solo effort, Taylor went on performing live at various venues across the nation and started enjoying considerable amount of fan following. As the Ben Taylor tickets sold out for most of the venues during his concert tour, his tour turned out to be a commercial success as well. After Another Run Around the Sun, Taylor released Deeper Than Gravity EP in 2006 which was then followed by two full length albums, The Legend of Kung Folk and Listening released in 2008 and 2012 respectively. Shortly after the release of his most recent studio work, Taylor has embarked on a concert tour to help promote his album. So support and watch Taylor live this year with our cheap Ben Taylor tickets. 

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