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Singing abilities come naturally to some people, and this God gifted ability can be put to its best use by hard work, like guys in The Beach Boys did. Hawthorne, California based American rock band The Beach Boys was formed in 1961. Initially formed by the three brothers named Dennis, Brian and Carl Wilson, their friend Al Jardine and a cousin Mike Love, the band currently consists of Mike Love, Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston. Brian, Carl and Dennis shared a bedroom as teenagers, and often felt interested in listening to their father Murry Wilson who was good at playing piano. The three brothers often practiced singing when their parents were asleep, and this practice increased their interest in music as they discovered their inner natural abilities as singers. On Brian’s sixteenth birthday, his father gave him a reel to reel tape recorder, and he learned how to overdub in it. Carl got a guitar as his present, and owing to his interest in music, very soon learned how to play it. The inborn talent of the boys, coupled with their parents support for their abilities provided a very congenial atmosphere for their potential to grow and become their second nature, producing a naturally talented group of singers at Wilson’s house.

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Beach Boys

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
The Beach Boys Braden Auditorium Normal Tuesday
10/24/2017 7:30 PM
The Beach Boys Mendel Center Benton Harbor Wednesday
10/25/2017 7:30 PM
The Beach Boys The Ritz Theatre - OH Tiffin Thursday
10/26/2017 7:30 PM
The Beach Boys Akron Civic Theatre Akron Friday
10/27/2017 7:30 PM
The Beach Boys Aronoff Center - Procter & Gamble Hall Cincinnati Saturday
10/28/2017 7:30 PM

About Beach Boys

The boys were also studying music as a subject at their school, but the formal teaching structure of music studies did not go comfortably with their inborn talents. Brian was very fond of Johnny Otis who used to play on KFOX radio show, and this influence made his change his piano playing style. Eventually, he failed to complete a twelfth grade piano sonata at school because he seldom followed the structured piano playing style his teachers wanted, but submitted his own creation, a composition with the title of Surfin.
While as a student, Brian especially, and his brothers generally, had earned recognition among the friends and family circle for their singing talent. They often performed at family functions, and their cousin Mike Love often joined them as he was also blessed with the musical abilities of extraordinary magnitude. They brothers along with their cousin also performed at Hawthorne High School, where the crowd appreciated their performance with a huge round of applause. One of their classmates, Al Jardine, was also known to them for having good guitar playing skills and they knew the fact that he played guitar with a local group named The Islanders. Brian contacted him and persuaded him to join them to jam together, and he agreed.
The boys stepped into the world of professional singing as a group in 1961 with the release of their first song titled Surfin being on air on local radio stations. Murry Wilson, father of Brian, Carl and Dennis, took over as the manager of the band, and promoted them on all the radio stations he could call. The group also selected their band name as The Beach Boys. Soon, the band was on many radio stations, playing recorded as well as live songs, mostly their own creations, while Brian wrote the songs for them. In early 1960s, as the band was gaining recognition, it became difficult for Brian Wilson to continue with all the hectic touring routine of The Beach Boys, and after suffering from a severe anxiety attack, he decided to stay back and concentrate only on creativity and writing material for the band while the rest of the band continued to perform and tour together.
Most of the early work by The Beach Boys represented youth culture of Southern California, where main focus would be on romance, cars and surfing. The light mood songs and albums produced by them including Surfin Safari, Little Deuce Coupe and Shut Down Vol 2 were later transformed to deep thoughts by Brian Wilson expressed in their later albums and songs including Good Vibrations and Summer in Paradise. The band released its last studio album in 1963 after which they could not manage to continue working together owing to Brian’s ill health and other issues. They still sometimes work together in performances that remind their listeners of the days when the band was said to be challenging the legendary group The Beatles, and the Beach Boys Tickets provide all music lovers to be a part of such a marvelous experience. Get your tickets now and have the time of your life!

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