Barry Manilow July 4th Fireworks Spectacular Tickets

Album/ record sales are one of the biggest indications regarding the popularity of an artist and going by that criterion Barry Manilow is an icon. One of the most famous names to come out of music he is back to headline a sensational event titled Barry Manilow: July 4th Fireworks Spectacular. It promises to be an extraordinary event that will increase the splendor of 4th of July and take it to another level. Fans all you need to do is grab your Barry Manilow: July 4th Fireworks Spectacular tickets and watch be a part of this historical performance.

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About Barry Manilow July 4th Fireworks Spectacular

Barry Manilow was born on 17th June, 1943 and had a special affection for music. After finishing school he got enrolled in the famous Juilliard and started working at CBS to raise money to pay his dues. Later, he started to perform as a producer and a pianist to earn money. It was during this time that he started to write jingles commercially. His success as a jingle writer for some of the biggest brands got him better jobs. By the time 1967 came about he was working as the musical director of Callback, a WCBS-TV. Soon he was working with Bette Midler as her musical director. He made his debut as a singer with his self-titled album in 1974. Barry then joined he newly found Artista Records later that year which was the start of a very fruitful partnership. He released his second album Barry Manilow II the same year and that album turned out to be his first commercial success. Mandy, a song from the album became a rage and went straight to the top of charts everywhere. He followed that up with an extensive tour and appearances at some of the most famous shows of that time.
Barry then released Tryin’ to Get the Feeling in 1975 and it went three times platinum to stake his claim as one of the biggest names in the industry. Littered with epic tracks like Looks Like We Made it and Daybreak, his next album titled This One’s For You repeated the feat and went triple platinum as well. Even Now was released in 1978 and that didn’t buck the trend and became another one of Barry’s triple platinum albums. One Voice (1979) went two times platinum to cement his reputation as one of the biggest names of the era. The 1980’s were pretty eventful years as well. In the first part of the decade he went on tours to places like England where he sold-our arenas everywhere. Barry then switched tracks to release his jazz oriented album 2:00AM Paradise Café in 1984. More hits like Read Em, Weep and The Old Songs and Somewhere Down the Road kept him on the top of the charts for the most part of the decade.
During much of the 1990’s Barry kept himself evolving as a musician crossing over to other genres and all that hard work paid off when he released a collection of his all time greatest hits titled Ultimate Manilow in 2002. The album went to the number three spot to announce Manilow’s comeback when it was least expected. Another immensely successful album The Greatest Songs of the Fifties was released in 2006 and it went straight to the number one spot.  It was certified platinum and sold well in excess of three million copies around the world.
Barry Manilow has been at the forefront of music for decades. An artist with total belief in his talents he has comeback with a bang every time his critics have written him off.  Not only that he has sold a well over eight million records around the world and has captured some of the biggest awards along the way. Fans can watch live what makes him so special by buying cheap Barry Manilow: July 4th Fireworks Spectacular and be a part of his latest musical extravaganza.

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