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Each one of us listens to music and enjoys music. Good music is always appreciated. Innovation of different genres, their mixture and blending, and creation of unique kinds of music have now become a norm in the music industry. Everyone has his/her own preferences and choices within music. Rock music has become the preference for a large number of people. The students and young people listen to rock music more than anyone does. The energetic beats, loud bass and magical tunes all sum up to provide the audiences with music that will just blow their minds. People dance, sing and mimic while listening to the music automatically. Rock bands are always welcomed warmly by the young generation. Band of Horses is an American rock band which concentrates on the genres including Indie rock, southern rock and alternative country. The band was formed in Seattle by Ben Bridwell in the year 2004. The current band members include Bridwell who is the vocalist and guitarist and the founder of the band, Ryan Monroe, Bill Reynolds, Creighton Barrett and Tyler Ramsey. The initial band members changed with time. The Tour EP was released by the band in 2005 and was sold on Sub Pop website. The band has released three albums so far and is becoming widely popular nationwide and worldwide.

About Band Of Horses

The very first album that was released by the band was named as "Everything All the Time" in the year 2006. Few songs from the Tour EP were also included in the album along with the fresh songs. The Scandinavian countries gave it a positive response. Although it was not a big hit, but yes can be considered as a small hit. The first single from the album "The Funeral" became widely popular and was heard in various TV Series, advertisements, films and video games. It also performed on a famous TV show named as "Late Night Show With David Letterman". Two band members left the band right after the release of the album and only Bridwell and Brooke were left. Three more members became a part of the band in no time. Brooke also left the band later.

Band of Horses released the second album in October 2007 named as "Cease to Begin". It was also produced by "Phil Ek" and was released on Sub Pop records. This album was a much bigger hit and reached the Billboard 100 at number 35 in the U.S. it was also a hit in the Scandinavian countries. The singles "Is There A Ghost" reached #30 in Denmark. It also became among the list of the best albums by the Paste magazine and Rolling Stone. The third album titled as "Infinite Arms" was also produced by Phil Ek and was released in May 2009. It was ranked 21st on the UK Top 100 and on #7 on the Billboard 200. The track "Life on Earth" has been used in the film Eclipse recently in June 2010. In the year 2010, the band is touring Europe, Australia, North America, Japan and New Zealand. They'll also be a part of a number of festivals.

Out of all the albums that have been released so far, their latest album "Infinite Arms" reached the most popularity and recognition. It got chart positions in 16 countries. Although it didn't get any awards or nominations as yet, it is definitely going to win a lot of them in the near future because of their consistent progress. The band is in the growth stage of the lifecycle and is rapidly moving up. If you love rock music, then you must become a part of the audience for the Band of Horses. It will surely entertain you in the best way. Get your Band of Horses Tickets immediately!

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