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Awolnation is an electronic rock band from Los Angeles, California. Aaron Bruno is the front man, and is also the founding member of the band. They are a relatively new band, having released their first EP in mid 2010 through Red Bull Records. Last year, they finally released their first full length studio album entitled “Megalithic Symphony” and have been on a mission to promote the album as much as possible through touring. They are an exciting new act, so get Awolnation Portland tickets for they are worth checking out.

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Even though they are new as a band, they are not amateurs individually. Their lead singer has had his share of experiences when working with the bands “Hometown Hero,” “Under the Influence of Giants” and “Insurgence.” He thus decided to put together his own band and named it after his title in high school.
At the Awolnation Portland concert, the band will be performing the full track list from their new album. They will also be singing the singles that have made them most popular, including “Not Your Fault,” the song produced by Brian Vest called “Kill Your Heroes” and a single they penned themselves titled “Sail.” This song was also their debut single and went platinum in America. It also reached number 10 on Billboard. Since they are still a new touring band, people can also find cheap Awolnation Portland tickets if they wish to attend the concert. But their quick rise to fame ensures that they will soon be a top act.