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The winner of four ARIA Awards, Angus Stone is praised by the music industry for its folk melodies like Big Jet Plane and others that have earned the duo an inerasable identity. They have an unspoken connection that is only ideally possible by sharing a family history. The siblings Angus and Julia Stone create music that reflects their honesty and emotions. Their concerts are live demonstrations of their talent that actually make people believe in the fact that ‘a pure sound says a lot without trying’. Angus Stone tickets for their upcoming concert will entertain you with the classy folk singles that have made their fan following extend across the borders within six years.

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Angus Stone

Events Venue Location Date Price Tickets
Angus & Julia Stone Royale Boston Boston Monday
11/13/2017 8:00 PM
$43.00 Buy
Angus & Julia Stone Club Soda - QC Montreal Tuesday
11/14/2017 8:00 PM
$191.00 Buy
Angus & Julia Stone Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto Wednesday
11/15/2017 8:00 PM
$70.00 Buy
Angus & Julia Stone Warsaw Brooklyn Friday
11/17/2017 9:00 PM
$113.00 Buy
Angus & Julia Stone Public Arts Hotel New York Saturday
11/18/2017 8:00 PM
$130.00 Buy

About Angus Stone

Angus Stone was formed in 2006 when the two siblings started to collaborate on the music endeavors instead of performing solo. Being multitalented they weren’t just vocalists but also lyricists. They wrote music on their own and also worked on harmonies and structure together. Angus Stone’s first EP, ‘Chocolates and Cigarettes’ was praised for the artists’ distinctive vocal styles that gelled in nice enough to be appreciated in words, ‘most impressive music with less-is-more arrangement’. This was the first step taken by them in making it to the music forefront. The year ended well by signing deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing Company. Considering the band was new, this wasn’t a small achievement for them. The following year brought in more luck for the duo and they played at the Big Day Out Festival.  Their single ‘Paper Aeroplane’ reached the 43rd position on the Triple J Hottest 100 Chart. At this time second EP named ‘Hearts Full of Wine’ was released and was double packed with the first one. This strategy worked out great for Angus Stone and the sales reached out to 35000 copies. They have released six EPs so far and have worked on two studio albums including ‘A Book Like This’ and ‘Down The Way’. In all these releases, songs like ‘Just a Boy’, ‘Hollywood’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Lady of the Sunshine’ and ‘I am yours’ among many others got the most appreciation from people.
Angus Stone over the years have touched the soul of millions of people, expressing actual feelings along with folk tunes. They state family to be the major influence for their music but also name records of Nick Drake, Elliot Smith and Joni to have an effect on their music. The live performances of the duo are a treat for all the folk music lovers who get to hear the melodies with all the expression and emotions. The duo also covers songs of other famous artists of the industry and provides the audiences with different flavors of music to enjoy. This time following the old trends, the siblings will not only perform all the melodies that have rocked their career in all these years but also the cover singles of your most favorite artists. The availability of cheap Angus Stone tickets is hard close to the event. The duo’s performance schedule has just been released with the details of concerts to be conducted in the year. The music which is appreciated in words ‘Resistance to it is surely futile’ is just a purchase away! Check it out and place the order as early as possible!

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