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Young sensations, raw mesmerizing talent is what the pop group Allstar Weekend is all about. They haven’t been on the music scene for too long but even in such a short space of time they have made enough headlines to ensure they start their journey to the top in style. So if pop is your thing then grab your Allstar Weekend tickets for sale and watch these amazing performers live.

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About Allstar Weekend

The seeds for the formation of the Allstar Weekend were sewn when Tom Norris and Nathan Darmody met while studying at the Poway High School. That friendship led to the duo writing and creating their own music in 2007. Zach Porter, who was a friend of Nathan’s then joined them as the bass player. All the fun they were having while working together manifested itself into a band named Outerspace Politicians in the summer of the year 2007. Their regular place to do recordings during those days was Nathan’s bedroom and the FL Studio. Once a few songs were completed they uploaded the same to their MySpace profile. Michael Martinez, a local drummer then requested to join the group. Zach then went on to hire Cameron Quiseng and the band finally started to practice and perform live.
Allstar Weekend first shot to prominence as contestants on the Radio Disney special program Next Big Thing (N.B.T.). Their talents and skills made headlines for all the right reasons as they went all the way to capture the second spot on the program. The success on the show brought them to the notice of some of the biggest labels in the business and they eventually ended up signing for Hollywood Records. They went to work on their debut album as soon as they signed on the dotted line. Allstar Weekend released their first track titled A Different Side of Me on 13th March, 2010. The song was only available as a digital download and could be heard on the radio. Then they went on to become one of the artists to work on Disney’s Disneymania 7, a compilation album. Shortly after they released their debut track they announced that their first album would be an EP titled Suddenly and it will come out on 17th June, 2010. Ten days before that date the band released their second track Dance Forever for the fans to enjoy. Suddenly hit the music stores five days later than originally planned on 22nd June, 2010. It received a lot of positive appraisal from fans and critics alike which put Allstar Weekend on the map.
The success of the album put the group the band in the limelight and fans started to buy Allstar Weekend tickets more frequently than ever before. Their next release was the album titled Suddenly Yours and it hit the music stores on 19th October, 2010. They named their next album All The Way and released it on 27th September, 2011. The album turned out to be a pretty big hit that charted at prominent positions in the U.S. and Canada both. Allstar Weekend have continued to tour extensively post All The Way that has taken their popularity to the next level right to their fans hearts and minds. If their rise and the path they have taken is any indication then the group is going to go places and make all their dreams come true. Their approach and music has been a refreshing change for music fans everywhere. Everyone can see they have the talents to make to the very top all they need is to keep their feet grounded and continue to believe in themselves. If they manage to do that then sky is the limit for them. They are one a road trip again and cheap Allstar Weekend tickets are available for you to get your hands on and be a part of their exciting concert.

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