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No matter how many genres of music come, the genre of punk rock will be irreplaceable. Punk rock has ruled the rock world for decades and it still holds a grand place in the rock music world. So many remarkable bands have contributed to making punk rock alive and magnificent over the years. The legacy of punk rock is continued by one such band, Alkaline Trio. This band was formed in 1996 by Matt Skiba, Dan Andraino and Derek Grant who are in charge of vocals and guitars, vocals and bass and drums respectively. With their latest album, Damnesia, the band has proved once again that the band has climbed higher up the ladder of fame and excellence. Alkaline Trio tickets are not only popular among the fans of punk rock but by all music lovers because they love watching a live performance that can entertain them to the core.  

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About Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio started off by releasing an EP in 1997 which was titled, Sundials. Another one was released a year later with the title, For Your Lungs Only. By that time, the band had started getting recognition. In the same year, the band released its debut album titled, Goddamnit under the label of Asian Man Records. The next album of the band was Maybe I’ll catch Fire and was released in 2000 under the same label. After that, the band changed its label to Vagrant Records and released an album titled From Here to Infirmary in 2001 under this new label. This was the first album of the band which managed to make it to the Billboard and sold the copies in millions.
The year of 2003 saw another studio album of the band which was titled, Good Mourning. Crimson was the next studio album of the band which came out in 2005. Later that year, a 2 CD pack of Crimson came out which contained all the tracks of the album including the live and demo versions of their scores. The fans of Skiba got to see another album with his new project, Heavens. The 2008 album of the band, Agony & Irony found the band a place at number 13 on the Billboard charts. This Addiction was the new album of the band, released in 2010 and charting on number 11, a progress on the Billboard.  
Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano have been with the band since the beginning however Derek Grant joined the band in 2001. Rob Doran, Glenn Porter and Mike Felumlee are the previous members of the band while Atom Willard, Pete Parada and Nolan McGuire are the members of the band who accompany the band on their live tours.  
Alkaline Trio is a band which has proved that they have the skill to make punk rock even better, not only with their music but also through their live performances. The live concerts of the band are marked with loud music, lights and audience enjoying the night away. And so is the reason why Alkaline Trio tickets are never a bad choice. The band has reached the number 11 on the Billboard charts and in no time will be ranking at number 1. The band has received positive reviews from fans and critics and with a latest album released the fans like the band all over again. The band is embarking on a fresh series of live performances and will also be coming to a city near you. It is a chance for the fans to catch their favorite punk rock band in a live performance and for anyone who wants to have a good time listening to some live punk rock music. And if you are not a fan of the band, one live performance and you will be among the group. So as soon as the tickets for their concert are announced, grab your deal of Alkaline Trio tickets to enjoy the concert with your friends.  

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