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The pioneers of heavy metal and hard rock music are getting in motion to set the stage on fire with their blazing performances. After a gap of eight long years this enigmatic band has decided to make their fans head bang yet again. For an ultimate feel of the sheer on stage charisma buy your ACDC Tickets today and witness how these Australian pioneers of hard rock ablaze the stage with their onstage persona yet again. The wait is finally over, AC/DC are all set for their performance therefore you must make the required preparations yourself and Buy your ACDC Tickets today. Be prepared to push your way out of the crowds because as it is there is way too much hype about this little rendezvous, between this band of the 70's and its loyal fans out there.

About AC DC Tickets

AC/DC was formed way back in the early seventies. This legendary band of hard rock and roll consists of the two renowned brothers, Malcolm and Angus Young. The world regards these two as the pioneers of heavy metal. Performances would include classics like "You Shook Me All Night Long" and songs from their latest album, Black Ice. Prepare to get assaulted as the AC/DC makes their grand entry on stage after a mighty long break of eight years. Watching them perform live will definitely leave you swooned. Their latest album, Black Ice has is a smash hit surpassing even the Beatles as the number 1 selling catalogue artist in the whole of United States for the year 2008.

The origins of the band lie in one of the most beautiful places located on the world map, Glasgow Scotland. Both the brothers were born here in the 50s and during the early 60's along with their family migrated to Sydney Australia. It was here that they discovered their love for music. Their elder Brother George Young was also fond of music and was credited for giving one of the first Australian International hits "Friday on My Mind" during the 60s. Brother George along with Musical Collaborator Harry Vanda have been producing a lot of AC/DC albums, including the infamous High Voltage, T.N.T, Dirty Deeds Done, Dirt Cheap, Let There Be Rock, 74Jailbraek, If You Want Blood You've Got It, Powerage, Stiff Upper Lip, Who Made Who and last but not the least, Blow Up You Video.

The name of the band sprang up from the sewing machine of their sister. Guitarist Malcolm was inspired by the acronym scribbled at the back of a sewing machine, AC/DC. It meant Alternative Current/Direct Current. The year 1974 marked the beginning of the band's International success, as they toured the whole of Europe that year. They also opened for acts such as Blue oyster Cult, Kiss and Aerosmith. In the same year, they also toured for Blow Up Your Video Tour. The band has earned world wide popularity which is why it stood second on Australia's list of highest earning entertainers for the year 2005, and coming sixth in 2006.

Giving several smash hit singles and albums the AC/DC have created a niche in the market. Several record labels have produced their albums and have considered it an honor. Names of record labels include, EMI, Atlantic, Elektra, Epic, Albert, East West and Atco. Their music incorporates different genres such as, blue rock, heavy metal, hard rock and rock and roll. They have proved their unwavering talent and charisma yet again in their latest album, Black Ice. The album is creating waves engulfing nations in its' musical charm. The album is certified multi-platinum in eighteen countries. These countries possessing an outstanding taste for music include, France, Germany, Italy, Canada Norway, Sweden, Switzerland Argentina and the Czech Republic. It has also achieved platinum status in Spain and UK along with reaching gold status in Netherlands, Brazil and Poland. Buy your ACDC Tickets today and become the envy of all your friends.

For more than three decades this band has entertained music lovers and their songs have single handedly put entire generations into sex, drugs and of course rock and roll. Their songs continue to rock the youths till date and they show absolutely no signs of slowing down in corrupting the youth. Those having a natural bond with the earlier mentioned three will definitely not miss out on a chance to witness the AC/DC in a live concert. Buy your AC/DC Tickets today as they are likely to sell out like hot cakes.

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