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ABBA is no less than a musical legend, with 360 million sold records; they are second only to the Beatles and Elvis. This 70's sensation was often described as the most groomed group ever, their good looks and the love between the couples leading them into wedlock was all considered to be orchestrated by the very charismatic and charming, record company owner and manager, Stikkan Anderson. Whoever may be behind ABBA phenomena, this band was undoubtedly a breakthrough in the world of music. They continue to do so even today as there are plenty of people out there who copy their exact singing styles and perform live on their songs. They make the audience go back in time during the 70's era. ABBA fans from everywhere flock in one place to see their all time favorite band's songs performed Live for them. So just grab your ABBA the Music Tickets today and treat yourself to one of the happiest evenings of your entire life.

About Abba The Music Tickets

Abba is the first European band that has enjoyed worldwide success making their claim to fame in other English speaking countries such as Canada, U.S.A, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. In 1973 they entered Swedish Selections for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Ring Ring'. Coming third in the competition the single and the album of the same name both, competed for the top positions on the Swedish charts. Likewise 'Ring Ring' was also a success in other European countries. In 1974, the group entered the selections again, with their hit single 'Waterloo' which took them straight to the finals in Brighton England. This Eurovision Contest turned out to be Abba's biggest success and a turning point in its history as the Group won the International Juries over with 'Waterloo.' By this time the group has finalized and decided its name as Abba which was also the name of a canned fish company in Sweden, which agreed to lend their name to a pop music group. For the band Abba is an acronym for the first names of all the band members. Abba's music is generally upbeat music where you can't stop yourself from dancing on their tunes. Their genres of music vary from pop, disco, rock, glam rock and europop.

Today, there are many bands out there who copy Abba's exact musical style and clothes. And while you're out there listening to them performing live for you can never tell that they aren't the originals. The Waterloo from Sweden, formed in 1996-1997 is one such band that can make you go crazy, as the band members, Katja Nord and Camilla Herden bring some of the most amazing moments in pop history. With the true original sound and exact matching clothes, it's like you're in a working wax museum. A simple formula to get the closest ABBA experience is to buy your ABBA the Music tickets today and travel back in time.