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One of the best southern rock, alternative rock, alternative metal, post-grunge, and hard rock bands to ever emerge from Florida, USA, Shinedown, has won millions of hearts all over the world! Often dubbed as the best rock band to have formed in recent years, the band to date has released four studio albums, along with two live albums, selling well over six million records globally. And although the band has gone through a phase of change in its line up like any other great band, its fan following has only increased as a result of induction of even better musicians. This band’s great music does not come at a high price though and that is why cheap Shinedown tickets are available for your convenience!

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About 98 Rockfest Shinedown

was formed in 2001 and its founding members were Barry Kerch (drums), Jasin Todd (guitar), Brad Stewart (bass), and Brent Smith (vocals). However, presently, Todd and Stewart are not with the band and instead of them equally good musicians like Eric Bass (piano, bass guitar), and Zach Meyers (guitar), are rocking with the band, all over the United States and the rest of the world. It took this talented bunch only two years to release their debut album, Leave a Whisper. It was both critically acclaimed and a commercially successful album. A certified platinum record, it had very impressive sales, both inside and outside of the United States. Most of its singles like “Burning Bright”, “Simple Man”, “45”, and “Fly from the Inside” also dominated the US Mainstream Rock list for a long time. The huge success of this album paved the way for the recording and later release of their second album.
Shinedown released Us and Them in 2005. This album too, like its predecessor was loved by their fans and critics alike. Shinedown tickets became hard to get after the release of this album, as the band had started to perform at sold-out venues, before packed audience! Like the band’s debut album, Us and Them also had singles which topped various music charts and maintained the position for several weeks. “Save Me”, the lead single, reached the very top of the Active Rock Charts, and stayed there for twelve weeks consecutively. “Heroes”, and “I Dare You” also did extremely well. “I Dare You” became the secondary theme song for the WWE’s Wrestlemania 22. The song was also sung by Chris Daughtry on American Idol. This album may have not got the platinum certification unlike its predecessor, but it ended up with gold certification!
By buying cheap Shinedown tickets now, you may also get to hear the band play unforgettable music from their third album, The Sound of Madness. This album is considered the most successful album of Shinedown! Both loved by the fans and the critics, who were raving at the release of the album, it became certified platinum record. One of its singles “If You Only Knew” became certified gold and “Second Chance” did even better and received multi-platinum certification from the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA). The song is also the band’s biggest hit, so far. Several of this album’s songs were used in various WWE programs. Although, this album has had an enormous success, some fans of Shinedown are of the view that the band’s latest album is their best so far!
Amaryllis was released recently and has already gotten loads of great reviews. The fans, as usual, are in love with it! Reflecting on their latest album, Brent Smith of Shinedown is of the opinion that “It reflects on everything we’ve done and where we’re heading.” The band has undoubtedly done extremely well for itself and rock music ever since its inception and with the latest singles like “Through the Ghost”, “For My Sake”, “Miracle”, “Nowhere Kids”, “Bully”, and “Adrenaline” plus many others, it is definitely heading in the right direction! Now all you need to do, in order to enjoy their latest and the best music is to buy Shinedown tickets now!

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