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30 Seconds to Mars is a rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1998 in the United States of America. As of 2007, the band comprises of the Hollywood actor named Jared Leto who is the lead vocalist, songwriter and the guitarist for the band, Tomo Milicevic who plays the lead guitar and is on the keyboards and Shannon Leto who plays the drums and the percussion. After Matt Watcher left the band, he was replaced by Tim Kelleher who is the bassist for the band. Tim Kelleher performs live particularly with Tomo Milicevic and Jared Leto, he also records bass for studio recordings. Braxton Olita who is also on the keyboards was added as a member to the band in 2009. Before the change of the lineup of the band, the group had famous guitarist like Kevin Drake and Solon Bixler (who is now a member of the Great Northern band). Although, Jared Leto is a member of the band, yet he prefers not to use his Hollywood fame as an actor to promote the image of the band. If truth be told, he also blatantly refuses to perform at venues where his name has been used in the promotion of the band.

About 30 Seconds To Mars Tickets

The 30 Seconds to Mars American rock band which was formed in 1998, has to date produced and released a total of three studio albums namely: A Beautiful Lie (released in 2005), 30 Seconds to Mars (released in 2002), and This Is War (released in 2009). The band has also released two extended plays by the name of To the Edge of the Earth (in 2008) and AOL Sessions Undercover (in 2007). The debut album of the band had been self-titled as 30 Seconds to Mars. The album was produced by Bob Ezrin and it was released in 2002. The album became an instant hit and gained the band a colossal fan following. The album 30 Seconds to Mars also produced two extremely hit singles called the “Edge of The Earth” and “Capricorn (A Brand New Name)”. The later single was ranked at the 31st slot on the U.S. Mainstream Rock Chart. The second album of the band was A Beautiful Lie; it was released in the US on the 30th of August in 2005. Five months prior to the release of this second album, it had already been leaked out. Therefore, the band included additional two bonus tracks: “Hunter” (which was a cover of the Bjork song) and “Battle of One” (which was an original song of the band which had also been decided to be the title song of the album when it has been originally declared). For the promotion of the album, the band moreover attached “golden tickets” in 12 copies of the album. These tickets allowed their respective owners to gain free access to any of their concerts including backstage access to them.

On the 31st of August in 2006, the 30 Seconds to Mars rock band won the MTV2 Award for their third album called “The Kill” at the MTV Video Music Awards. The band had received two nominations that year, out of which they won one of them. The second nomination at the MTV Video Music Awards was for the Best Rock Video. The band lost this award to AFI band’s video song “Miss Murder. Nevertheless, the band’s second album A Beautiful Lie had been certified as platinum by the RIAA. The total sales of the album were more than a million copies in January, following its release. In October 2006, the 30 Seconds to Mars rock band set in motion with their “Welcome to the Universe” tour which had been supported by Head Automatica, Rock Kills Kid, The Receiving End of Sirens, Street Drums Corps, Cobra Starship and many other bands. The tour was sponsored by MTV2. The band gave an outstanding performance at the MTV Australia Video Music Awards on the 29th of April in 2007. The band had been nominated for three awards, out of which they won for “Video of the Year” for “The Kill” and “Best Rock Video”. In November 2010, the band’s third studio album “This is War” got a certification of gold in numerous countries such as Belgium, Austria, Germany, Australia and South Africa. In the UK, the album got a double gold award and a double platinum award in Portugal.

The 30 Seconds to Mars are soon going to give some really awesome live onstage performances. If you are a fan of this amazing band or just a fan of some great American rock music, then get the 30 Seconds to Mars tickets. You will truly have an unforgettable experience at the event.

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