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The American rock band from Escatawpa, Mississippi, 3 Doors Down rose to fame with their hit single Kryptonite. The band’s story is that of high school kids dreaming of success forming a band and then making it big time. Instead of being a one hit wonder, 3 Doors Down have made their mark and they are still a sought after music act. The band continuing with their initial success has released platinum certified albums and numerous chart topping singles.

About 3 Doors Down

Famous singles by the band include Away from the Sun, Duck and Run, Here Without You, Be Like That and It’s Not My Time. Not stopping there the band took to the big screen by recording an edited version of their song ‘Be Like That’ for the comedy film American Pie 2. Landing on the music scene with their hit single the band got the formula for success right. The high school dreamers have gone on to win an American Music Award and five Billboard Music Awards. The famous band is known for playing with spirit and surely gives an amazing performance. Get 3 Doors Down tickets for a chance to see the band perform live as they rock the audience with their music.
In 1996 Brad Arnold and Todd Harrell formed the band with three members. A few years and modifications finalized the present five member band comprising of Chris Henderson, Greg Upchurch and Chet Roberts, in addition to the founding members. The band got recognition after handing their demo to the Mississippi rock station WCPR-FM. Such was the success of the bands hit single Kryptonite that it was the number one requested single for fifteen weeks. The extraordinary demand for the unsigned band’s song led to a performance at the famed CBGB music club in New York. 
Following the success of Kryptonite the band signed with Republic Records and released their first album The Better Life. The album selling more than six million copies proved to be a great success and was the eleventh bestselling album of the year Away From the Sun, the bands second album selling more than four million copies internationally also proved to be a major success. The band’s fifth album Time of My Life not only sold around sixty thousand copies within the first week of release but also debuted at third position in the Billboard 200. 3 Doors Down not only give amazing music but their videos are something to talk about as well. The video of the band’s song When I Am Gone was filmed on the American military ship USS George Washington.
The Grammy Award nominated band with several hits to their names are known for their deep and soulful music. The songs by the band with powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics and undeniably good music are gripping and make for good entertainment. The band showing their humanitarian side have setup an organization ‘The Better Life Foundation’ which carries out charity work for the betterment of children. In the past the organization has made contributions towards the people affected by Hurricane Katrina and still carries on charity work by raising money through annual event ‘3 Doors Down and Friends’
3 Doors Down are a crowd puller when it comes to music events and they never fail to impress with their electrifying performances. The bands popularity and energetic performances have also led them to be featured at quite a few sports events which include the 2011 National Hockey League All Star Game in Raleigh. Averaging around three hundred live performances a year the band has done extensive tours across USA, UK and Europe. Taking to the stage alongside Nickleback, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Seether, ZZ Top, Alter Bridge and Breaking Benjamin the music group has had a lot of exposure and have honed their live performances to excellence.
3 Doors Down after the phenomenal success of their first single drawing crowds to their local shows got hometown fame. Now the fame of the band has expanded worldwide and with a huge fan following, their live performances are popular with music fans. The rock band playing a combination of their new songs and the all time favorites really get the crowd going. For a chance to experience the amazing atmosphere of the rock bands fantastic live performance get cheap 3 Doors Down tickets.