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Critics and puritans would have you believed that there is a spectrum and musical genres lying along the spectrum never meet. But that’s most probably because they have not as yet met the Ten Tenors. Also known as TTT or The Ten, the Ten Tenors mix genres of rock and classical everyday and they have an ever growing fan base to show for it. Now this incredible group is on its way to give you some outstanding performances. We have cheap the Ten Tenors tickets right here, which will easily get you some of the best seats to their latest shows. Grab the Ten Tenors tickets and have a blast listening to their music. This group of guys from Australia is on a constant world tour to promote their unique style and range. Some of their most favorite renditions are a cover of Queen’s timeless classics “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and “The Show must go on”. They also cover other acts such as the works of Meatloaf, AC/DC and others. It is said that some of the songs on their album Here’s to the Heroes were actually penned by John Barry and Don Black which explains the similarity in the sound of the music.

About The Ten Tenors

The group also recorded a double CD which included both live and studio versions and named it “Larger than life”. The album was simultaneously released in Europe and USA whereas the recordings had been done in Germany and Australia. The music had been changed to cater to the new fans that had been coming in droves to the concerts. As such it was more of a fan base that did not usually go to see an opera, and hence the Ten Tenors also modified their music to accommodate this new influx. The result has seen the group evolve into a sort of rock group with a solid base in opera and classical music. In the process they have managed to think out of the box and push the metaphorical boundaries of classical music and what is to be expected from a strictly classical music tenor. They have added a breath of fresh air to music and also brought in a new genre that is unique as well as contemporary. With more than 3.5 million ticket sales to their credit and an appearance on Oprah in which they brought to life their unique brand of classic meets rock, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that these guys are just as much of a rocking band as they are true lovers of classical music. And their devotion to their fans has been spreading through word of mouth all across the globe as people see them signing autographs and taking pictures for their fans even after grueling cross country trips and concerts.

One can see that even though these musicians have matured and grown as rockers and performers, they have still not forgotten their roots and how they all got together and jammed only for the love of music and each others company. In some ways, they are still college friends from Queensland, just hanging out for a beer and some fun. And this humility and organic feeling that they exude is what attracts people who were at first skeptical of their abilities. The members of the the Ten Tenors are Nathan Kneen, Scott Muller, Sebastian Maclaine, David Kidd, Luke Kennedy, Chad Hilligus, Jared Newall, Jordan S. Pollard, Keane Fletcher and Paul Gelsumini. Here is your chance to witness these pioneers of music as they perform at one of their 250 shows per year at a venue near you. Do not let this chance go by and buy your Ten Tenors tickets to avail this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Q:Can I book my ten tenors tickets at the arena?

A:Yes, you can book The Ten Tenors Tickets directly from the designated counters at the arena itself if that is convenient for you.