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Saint Michael Trio is perhaps one of the most fascinating classical string trios. That is because none of the members are regular chamber artists in the traditional sense. All members are in fact scientists from the Silicon Valley who came together for their love of music. No wonder, the Trio had won much critical acclaim as well as a sizeable fan following. Saint Michael Trio tickets bring an exciting new concert for all its fans. Make sure that you don’t miss out on them.

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About The Saint Michael Trio

Saint Michael Trio got together in 2007, when Daniel Cher, Micheal Flexer and Russell Hancock came together with a simple goal of making music with passion. What flowed was unprecedented, as the group provided us a fresh and ingenious take on classical string arrangements. The cellist for the Trio, Michel Flexer is a Harvard trained software engineer who has worked for top companies like Seibel. However, his love for music was simply too great so he trained part time with the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra as a youngster. While at Harvard, he was associated with Bernard Greenhouse and learned a lot from working with him at the New England Conservatory. The trio’s pianist Russell Hancock, is the CEO of the venture capital company Joint Venture Silicon Valley. Not satisfied with being successful in the fast moving world of computer technology startups, he turned to music to further enrich his life. Other than his work with the Trio, he has been associated with various orchestras in the US as a soloist, and has even performed internationally (in Mexico and Taiwan). Daniel Cher the violinist is a medical doctor in his day job where he runs and supervises medical device clinical trials. Daniel attended the prestigious Stanford University where he was awarded the undergraduate music prize. Apart from his work with the Trio, he also has short stints with the New England Orchestra and the New Haven Symphony. Being a doctor, perhaps he decided that he could help heal people with his music!
Saint Michael Trio has released three albums, starting with their first album appropriately titled Debut. The album was very well received and got excellent reviews from the press. The local San Jose Mercury News tagged them as Silicon Valley’s hot new sensation. They were the next thing as the fans and critics simply loved them. This trio was a top notch group of artists playing music that can be compared to any other celebrated act or piano trio ensemble. The second Trio album, titled Warning: May Cause Mood Swings was much more experimental with deep felt music that can stimulate ones feelings and hence really affect one’s moods! Quite accurately the Trio’s music made people laugh, experience deep and profound thoughts and even stare blankly. Critics always valued the music presented the trio in a positive way. From the print to electronic media the act was tagged as one of the finest awe-inspiring music. The third Saint Michael Trio album was titled French Fusion: The Cross-Over Jazz Of Claude Bolling. It was a collaborative effort with the French progressive Jazz master, Claude Bolling. The album explored domains of fusion and crossover music. This was an area seldom touched by conventional artists. Even Claude Bolling saluted the Trio’s talent and insight. He applauded him for adding a ‘wonderful new dimension’ to his music.
Saint Michael Trio concerts and performances are unlike conventional classical string setups. They draw inspiration from a wide variety of modern and classical sources. This includes pop and alternative cultures as well as classical impression. So don’t be surprised if you find materials ranging from Beethoven to rock giants Black Sabbath in the same set. Similarly, material based on jazz, ethnic music, RnB and Hollywood themes may be seamless mixed up and served up in the same concert. Another unique characteristic of the Trio is that the guys engage and interact with the audiences, telling interesting stories and funny with jokes. Perhaps that is something that the more conservative acts can learn from them since it firmly engages the audience and makes the concert experience so much more enjoyable.
The Trio has been touring successfully since they were formed. In a matter of five years, their concerts have become a rage. They attract large crowds of fans dying to meet their favorite stars, live on stage. Saint Michael Trio tickets present the ensemble in a power packed show. Cheap Saint Michael Trio tickets make your trip even merrier. Purchase them at the earliest.

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