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The Danish duo Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo are the basis of the magnificent The Raveonettes. For over a decade these two amazing performers have teamed up to come up with music that epitomizes everything they stand for and what they believe in. If garage rock is what gets you in the groove then buy The Raveonettes tickets and party till you drop.

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About The Raveonettes

Both members of The Raveonettes were into music before they met and became the sensations they are today. Wagner first became fascinated by music when he got to hear Before the Flood by the legendary Bob Dylan. Bob became Wagner’s inspiration and that made up his mind to take music up as a serious profession. He furthered his music education by listening to the kind of work done by Buddy Holly, Mark Knopfler and Everly Brothers. Listening to Jesus and Mary Chain and the Sonic Youth convinced him about the kind of music he wanted to excel in. So he went to the United States for a few years to broaden his horizon before coming back to his native Denmark where he met Foo. Foo’s inspirations were The Beatles and The Velvet Underground when she was growing up. She was fascinated by the different types of music that were being played around the world and even learnt qawalli during a six month stay in India.
Foo and Wagner met in Copenhagen and formed The Raveonettes. Both of them settled on a certain parameters that were to define the music they wanted to create. Every album had to be done completely in Bb minor and was to be engulfed in only three chords. Every track’s duration was decided upon to be less than three minutes long. The result was a dark and fuzzy kind of music that was evident in their debut EP titled Whip it On. It received a lot of favorable response from every corner by both fans and critics. Allmusic gave it three and a half stars out of five while NME rated it at seven stars out of ten. It also received the Danish Music Awards in the category of the Best Rock Album of the Year. The group also got the chance to play at the SPOT festival which was to be attended by David Frickle from the Rolling Stone magazine. David was so impressed by their performance that he wrote a very enthusiastic review about them. That review generated a lot of interest for their talents among major record labels. A bidding war ensued and The Raveonettes eventually signed up for Columbia Records in the year 2002.
The released their first full debut album Chain Gang of Love in 2003. Just like the EP Whip it On, it also got a lot of positive response from fans and critics alike. Allmusic, Q and Rolling Stone all gave it four stars out of five. They followed that up with Pretty in Black which turned out to be another successful release. Rolling Stone and Alternative Press rated it at four stars while NME gave it eight out of ten for its efforts. The group had started to tour more extensively and The Raveonettes tickets had started to sell more than ever before. Their next album was titled Lust Lust Lust that came out in the UK on 12th November, 2007 and in the US on 19th February, 2008. It was an album that was recorded by the duo in its entirety without any supporting studio musicians to back them up. It was another critical success that earned it four stars from Rolling Stone and Allmusic. In and Out of Control hit the music stores on 6th October, 2009 and once again received rave reviews. Raven in the Grave and the Observator then followed to cement their status as one of the most amazing international garage rock bands in the world.
The Raveonettes have been a major player when it comes to the genre and have played their part in taking it to the masses. They have stayed true to their beliefs and created music they have always wanted to create without worrying too much about its commercial appeal. They are on a road trip once again and you can catch them live by simply buying the cheapest The Raveonettes tickets available.

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