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There is something about cloying tunes and overtly merry music that gets tiny tots on their feet and jump and bop around. They can be crying, tugging at their parents clothes for all their worth in trying to grab their attention, but plop them in front of the TV with a show laced with inane song and dance routines and the little trouble makers will be fixated to the screen like moths to flame. The entertainment industry has long realized the monetary potential of this insight into the child psyche and has injected peppy beats and in their spate of television programming for children, The Fresh Beat Band being a resounding example. The show has been making its rounds on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. for the past three years and has clocked some 40 episodes, each chockablock filled with copious jingles that have been off late delivered on stages all across the US.

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Book some The Fresh Beat Band tickets to have the quirky quartet enthrall and excite your preschoolers for a cognitive respite.Strategically reaching out to the major demographics, The Fresh Beat Band touches all ethnicities by rallying together a Caucasian boy and a girl, namely Jon Beavers and Tara Perry, an African American male in Thomas Hobson and a Latina female in Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer. Jon plays the turntables spinning and the beatboxing Twist the Disc jockey, Thomas takes on the role of Shout the Keyboardist, Yvette gets all stringed up as Kiki the Violinist who also has a go at the guitar and Tara bangs as Marina the Drummer. All four of them contribute to the act's vocal feel and heighten its expressive aspects with synchronized and individualized dance moves. The Fresh Beat Band television phenomenon reared its bubbly head in August 2009 and has floated forth a multitude of original airy pop songs that have developed a loyal kiddy following. By getting some cheap The Fresh Beat Band tickets, you can provide your child their "fresh" and fruity fix directly from the saccharine source.

By bagging some The Fresh Beat Band 2017 tickets, your tiny tots will be treated to the vivacious vicissitudes of quirky Kiki who always seem so full of spunk and ready to jump like her life depended on it. If she is not "kickin" her dance moves high in the air, then she is cajoling and teaching her audiences to shake it. Marina is always up and ready to go "rock steady" and drum up some enthusiasm to rile up the crowds. She just loves her drumsticks and can't wait to have her fingers curl around them so she can bang out a beat in order to get everybody on their feet and is ever-ready to go "Hip, hop, and pop!" at the drop of a hat. Twist wishes that he was as cool as David Guetta or Bassnectar but he has to make-do with having to mix and pull tricks for the preschool lot. Shout goes about grinding and winding into a groove every chance he gets. He is equally at home pouring out some razzle-dazzle on the keyboard or on the dance floor.
The Fresh Beat Band has been carefully crafted right from the beginning to cater to the preschool market by fusing industry standard entertainment and a "musical curriculum". The result is a trance like regimen of vacuous rhymes and feel-good lines that aim to address everything from making friends to having a "Great Day". And yes, the order of the day for the "growing" and nutritional needs of the young ones are doughy (read tansfat saturated) pizzas and gooey (read refined calorie loaded) smoothies peddled by Harper the Pizza Maker, who is acted out by Shane Blades, and Melody the Smoothie Maker who runs the Groovy Smoothie Shop and is depicted by Dioni Michelle Collins. 
As if the musical overload in The Fresh Beat Band was not enough, in troops Reed the Guitar player who owns the Good Note Music Store and only "occasionally" strums the odd guitar. The Junior Beats add an even lower level of musical credibility and are essentially a group of mimicking "mini-mes" of the primary players. Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer nabbed a nomination for ‘Best Young Actress’ in the 26th Annual Imagen Awards for playing Kiki and the whole shebang clinched a 2011 Parents' Choice Award in the ‘Fun Stuff (Ages: 2 - 5 years)’ category. So Fresh Beat Band tickets to have your child overdose on gleefully ditsy ditties.

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