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Tommy Igoe is bringing the music, the echo, the heart of epochs of legendary performance live at Birdland to give you all an unforgettable night. Get ready to experience this world-class music event with Birdland Big Band as they create a dazzling ambience with their jazz orchestra led by none other than Tommy himself. Live at Birdland tickets are offered for all the jazz fanatics who don’t want to miss this dynamic ensemble at any cost. Hearing them live is surely going to be a treat for the ears. So, do not let this chance get away and get your seats booked now.

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About The Birdland Big Band Live At Birdland

Live at Birdland features the Birdland Big Band which is an incredible ensemble of country’s finest top shelf talent that includes musicians from almost every jazz tour and Broadway show. Created in 2006 by Tommy Igoe, Birdland Big Band is known as the most demanded weekly musical residency show in New York City. Created in 1949 in New York, the original Birdland was named after the famous alto saxophone player Charlie Parker nicknamed “Bird.” Throughout its illustrious history, the regular performers at Birdland included many jazz greats like Thelonius Monk, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, and Lester Young. To continue this legacy of great musical experience, Tommy Igoe stepped forward to make Birdland Big Band, a setting designed to reinvent the old ambience of a night at Birdland.
Tommy, the founder of Birdland Big Band, is a great jazz musician. Drumming since the age of two, he is among the world’s most prominent bandleaders and drummers. Apart from that, Tommy has crafted a unique career for himself as an educator and a sideman who has been blazing a trail in music industry for 20 years now.  Tommy has also toured and recorded internationally with some celebrated composers, musicians and contemporary jazz groups like Dave Grustin, Art Garfunkel, Stanely Jordan, Blood Sweat and Tears and New York Voices.  Since past several years, Tommy is focused on Birdland Big Band, the hottest band in music market. Tommy leads the band with the same zeal and passion that has made him one of the top drummers of the world. To this day, Tommy has led many sold out shows of Birdland.
To provide the people with a memorable musical experience, Birdland Big Band is now touring the country. Setting up the standards for the new century orchestra, the music you get to hear Live at Birdland goes beyond the traditional orchestras. Birdland Big Band aims to delight and surprise its audience with world music explored from every niche. Birdland is expert in infusing the finest American jazz with an enthusiasm that hasn’t been seen in years. Featuring the best musicians from the Jazz Mecca, New York and one of the world’s best drummers, Live at Birdland is going to be a life-time experience for everyone.
At Birdland, you will get to listen to the iconic compositions of Charlie Parker and other innovative arrangements from the world’s contemporary composers like Chick Corea, Sting, Lennon, Herbie Hancock, Arturo Sandoval and Leonard Bernstein. Also, relive some rare and renowned selections of Buddy Rich, Stan Kenton, Count Basie and Woody Herman Orchestras with the band. This year Birdland Big Band is touring all over USA taking the Birdland experience to various theatres and performing arts centers across the country.
With its jaw-dropping musicianship and a dedication to perform the unique music from all over the world, Live at Birdland is surely going to be an unforgettable spectacular. Igoe was right when he said that this world doesn’t need another good big band. Birdland Big Band is truly an incredible art form that gathers the audience from all over the world. Cheap Live at Birdland tickets are being offered for all those who do not want to miss out on this chance to watch this amazing group of musicians with Tommy Igoe in lead. It is the kind of music experience that you must witness. This mesmerizing and completely unique event will blow you away with its law defying drumming accompanied by a 15-piece jazz orchestra.

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