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R5 is going to get louder in summer 2014 as the Lynch siblings reach North America. Fans who do not want to miss out on catching the band as it hits their city can get R5 tickets for its live performance. The band has announced the dates and will be coming to your city soon. The tour is dubbed as the Louder Tour and follows their fourth Dancing out my Pants Tour which ended in November 2013 in Los Angeles.  

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About R5


In 2014, the band is going to embark on its second worldwide tour, the Louder Tour. The first worldwide tour of the band was in 2013 in support of “Loud.” The current tour is in support of band’s debut studio album “Louder” which was released by Hollywood Records. The tour was kicked off in Europe in February 2014 and is headed towards North America in April 2014, after performing a number of shows in Europe and one show in Israel.


R5 is a pop rock band hailing from Los Angeles. The band consists of Ellington Ratliff and four Lynch siblings; brothers Rocky Lynch, Riker Lynch, Ross Lynch and their sister Rydel Lynch. Ratliff, along with his three brothers, was a part of the Rage Boyz Group. It was in October 2009 that the family met Ratliff in California and R5 was formed. The band started R5 TV, a YouTube series, which has got four million views to date.


In March 2010, the band released its first EP titled “Ready Set Rock” which consisted of songs by the band members itself. The same year in September, the band came up with its first music video for the song Can’t Get Enough of You. The video was self-created by R5 and was a hit with 768,992 views. In 2012, the band signed a deal with Hollywood Records and went on their first tour in May 2012. Dubbed West Coast Tour, this was a mini tour in support of Disney sitcom Austin & Ally in which Ross Lynch starred. Following this, another mini tour dubbed East Coast Tour was kicked off in November 2012. This tour was also in support of the Austin & Ally songs. The band played sixteen shows in the US and Canada, ending in December 2012.


The band’s second EP titled “Loud” hit the stores in February 2013. The album garnered positive reviews from both fans and critics who praised their tunes as contagious. In support of “Loud”, the band went on their first worldwide tour in March 2013 and played shows in the US, the UK and Australia. In August 2013, Pass Me By, the lead single from R5’s debut studio album “Louder” came out. The album hit the stores in September 2013 and sold 15,000 copies within the first week of its release. On iTunes charts, the album reached number two and was later classified as a chart-topper. The album remained successful in many countries and got charted at number 24 on the Billboard 200.

To support this album, the band went on Louder Tour which started off from Warsaw in February 2014 and is still going on. Louder Tour played shows at a number of European countries including Germany, Sweden, Norway and Scotland. The European leg of the tour ended in Dublin. The tour hit North America in April 24 and will play shows there till June 2014 before heading to Europe again.


If you want to watch these talented siblings perform live as they come to your nearby venue, get your hands on R5 tickets in advance. Since making a grand entrance in the pop world, R5 has been entertaining its audience with their modern pop tunes. So get your seats booked for a high-energy live performance by these talented teens of R5 who will make you have a good time.


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