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Former winner of Stars In Their Eyes, Gary Mullen started touring with his band The Works and found instant success. He put on a two-hour stage tribute show to the music and stage performance of Queen, the famous rock band of the 20th century. The tribute band comprises of five members led by Gary Mullen as the singer, Jonathan Evans as drummer, Davie Brockett as guitarist, Billy Moffat as bass guitarist with Malcolm Gentle on keyboards. The show gained recognition by the Governor of Texas in 2001 and since then its popularity has been on the rise. Gary Mullen and The Works are known as the world’s premier Queen Tribute band. The touring band has showcased their talent across many countries of the world and every time the One Night of Queen-tribute act tickets have sold like hotcakes.

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About One Night of Queen Tribute Act

Queen ruled the world of rock in the 70s and 80s until their most significant member Freddie Mercury died in 1991. The world still remembers the band’s phenomenal hits such as “We will rock you”, “Another one bites the dust” and “We are the champions”. Generations have grown up listening to their songs but not many have witnessed their stage theatrics and exuberant performances particularly those by the frontman Freddie Mercury.
Gary Mullen and The Works provide an opportunity to witness and experience the same magical performance of Queen by recreating the band’s signature style image and power pack stage performances. Mullen, the frontman for the band has a versatile vocal range and an enormous ability to recreate the aura of Freddie Mercury’s stage presence. His band mates playfully refer to him as “Gareth” or “Gerry Mulligan”. Mullen remembers becoming interested in music at the tender age of four. He learned to play the guitar during his teens. Unlike other pseudo celebrities he has been able to take the simple concept of a cover band and built it into a recognized professional band capable of drawing large crowds. Other than making an impression amongst the fans of Queen, his talent has also been appreciated by the original band members. One of the highlights of Mullen’s career was being invited along with his band mates to meet Queen’s guitarist Brian May.
David Brockett’s talent as a guitarist is no less than Mullen’s vocal skills. He has the talent to imitate Brian May’s guitar sounds reproducing his classic rock riffs and guitar solos during the concerts. The very ability to be able to recreate the guitar sounds of one of the top rock guitarists in the world is commendable itself. Each member of the band compliments the other making sure that the legendary music and stage aura of Queen remain entact in the minds of the people.
The songs of Queen have become rock clichés over the decades. Despite this familiarity the One Night of Queen-tribute act tickets get sold out as soon as people come to know about their next show. They are able to draw in a diverse audience belonging to all age groups. One night of Queen is a nostalgic yet entertaining return to Queen’s peak days as the band puts up an amazing rock n roll show with great use of lighting and special effects. The performances are a treat to watch as Gary Mullen and The Works recreate the magic of one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Despite imitating Queen and Freddie Mercury for over a decade and making a career out of it, they have proven their sheer respect for the original rock band and their fans. 
Cheap One Night of Queen-tribute act tickets are available now. If you wish to have witnessed Queen and especially Freddie Mercury perform live, then here is your chance to experience the same thrill that you must have heard about the original rock band. While those skeptical that anyone could match the brilliance of Freddie Mercury should join in to see that Gary Mullen has come as close as humanly possible. Attend One Night of Queen-tribute show as Gary Mullen and The Works are all set to Rock You!

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