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Moonwalker – The Michael Jackson Experience is tribute show featuring world famous Michael Jackson impersonator Michael Firestone, who ultimately recreates the dynamics of King of Pop alongside an impressive cast of singers, musicians and dancers. This is a touring production that has traveled across the globe, and is now revealing another concert production titled A Reflection of Michael. It is the same completely choreographed production called Michael Jackson in Concert that was developed just before the pop star’s tragic death. To make it more exciting, the show features live vocals quite incredibly, along with several full scale dancing numbers including various costume changes as well as a complete itinerary of his greatest hits. Hailed as the apparent heir to Jackson by critics and fans alike, Firestone has been praised for his resemblance in performance, authenticity and look to the former. When it comes to Jackson’s many impersonators, there is none close to being as perfect as Firestone. There are those who can really dance it about step by step like Jackson, many of them can only get past mere lip syncing to the artist.  Firestone on the other hand, manages to sound similar and sings live, alongside a live band on a stage full of breathtakingly talented dancers. Moonwalker – The Michael Jackson Experience tickets have been a sought-after reminiscent favorite among Jackson’s fans and quite a popular treat among pop dancer and music lovers in general.

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About Moonwalker The Michael Jackson Experience

The star of the upcoming Moonwalker – The Michael Jackson Experience, Michael Firestone was born in Rome. He was interested in music since his very childhood and no artist intrigued him more than Jackson, whom he wanted to truly and accurately imitate from his every dance move to his vocal vibrations. Throughout his adolescence he performed the Pop King’s songs in shows. Once he grew up, he relocated to Las Vegas and started a career impersonating Michael Jackson. Today, he has established his vocal similarity to Jackson’s so well that when people are unable to secure the latter’s music for their shows they come and record Firestone since he can sound so similar. Moonwalker – The Michael Jackson Experience is a national touring show featuring an extraordinary multi-media production that highlights Jackson’s iconic career as a musician and performer, narrating a story of his musical life in songs sung by the surprising American legend that is brought to life by the celebrated impersonator. Though it is his natural likeness to Jackson along with authentic costuming, what Firestone takes most seriously is the challenge to channel the very spirit of the iconic artist into each song so he can communicate the core emotions of lyrics to the crowds.

The band featured in Moonwalker – The Michael Jackson Experience include guest appearances made by guitarist Jennifer Batten who had toured with Michael Jackson for a long time; another guest star included in the show is backup vocalist Diane Gordon. Firestone is known to change through about twelve to fifteen outfits, most of which comprise of jackets and various types of accessories. He is one of the very few Jackson impersonators who can sing and sound just like Jackson while dancing the intense routines Jackson has been so famous for. His goal as he puts it is to mimic the exact same ‘he-he’ that Jackson did so effortlessly, right down to his fascinating moonwalking. Before Jackson passed away, Firestone performed as a tribute artist to the former in live shows like Around the World in Asia and MTV Magic. Other shows he performed in include Myrtle Beach’s Legends in Concert and Atlantic City’s Masquerade and LaCage.  He also made a guest appearance on the Asian variety show called The Bon Show and on Christmas Spectacular by Larry the Cable Guy. He really is the best Michael Jackson impersonator yet seen in the United States, having performed one sold out show after another throughout the nation. You know you have to watch this astounding impersonator perform to Jackson at least one, so get hold of some cheap Moonwalker – The Michael Jackson Experience tickets and be there to be surprised.

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