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If you want to see an exceptional act of watching a person talking to the dead, buy Lisa Williams tickets. Granddaughter of a famous British medium, Frances Glazebrook, Lisa Williams is a psychic who claims to have the ability to talk to dead and bring messages from the supernatural world. She has appeared in several television shows and has also hosted one of her own. Following her popularity on television, Lisa started doing live shows and has also been on a few national and international tours. Her live performances are enlightening sessions where one gets to see her at her spiritual self, communicating with the dead.

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About Lisa Williams

On Lifetime TV, Lisa appeared on two shows, Lisa Williams: Voices from the Other Side and Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead. She was made host of the latter one after she gave a reading to a staff member Merv Griffin. She has also made appearance in Deal or No Deal and America’s Psychic Challenge. Lisa Williams is said to get a role on Merv Griffin’s show because of her infectious charm; a disarming grin; a spiked, rock n roll style and an instant liking of the audience towards her. 
Lisa Williams became aware of her special talent at a young age of 7 but it was after her grandmother’s death in 1996 that she thought of taking her psychic abilities up seriously. Frances Glazebrook, Lisa’s grandmother, was herself bestowed with the ‘second sight’ and was a renowned medium. She was famous for reading to notable politicians, businessmen and music bands in England while she was also a secret weapon for a number of CEOs in America. In her late teens, Lisa was found telling strangers about their future and their lives. She talked to their relatives and friends who were no longer alive and brought messages for them, becoming a reason of their solace most of the times. She was even engaged in helping the local police with investigation work.
Communicating with spirits is not the only talent Lisa Williams possesses as she was once the lead vocalist of a band because of her fine voice. Lisa supported herself with different office jobs but a time came when the list of her appointments with people asking for her consultation grew six months long. At this point she decided to dedicate herself full-time to this cause. It gave her a chance to develop and polish her skill and submit completely to her spiritual calling. Crystal healing and Reiki are also her gifts. It was a just short time before Lisa was walking on the footsteps of her grandmother and giving readings to prominent figures of the communities and major celebrities from all over the world.  
Although such ability catches controversies but Lisa Williams has been proved to be genuine in what she does. On several accounts, she has explained her experience of the encounters. According to her, she allows the spirit to come in proximity to her and enter her energy. If she walks into a place and senses energy, she knows instantly what it is about and what has happened there. She also sends the spirit to the other side when and if the family has said a final goodbye to it. Lisa also has a wonderful ability to find anything that is lost, an ability that helps not only her but people around her with regular people wishing they had it too. One of her interesting works included her statement that she has talked to Marilyn Monroe, Ray Charles, Princess Diana and Bob Hope after their deaths.
Lisa prides herself in knowing that her abilities are used for the good of humanity. For her, bringing messages from the other side to the loved ones is the most rewarding feeling in her life. She has a son named Charlie who, like her mother and great grandmother, has a natural and developing ability to talk to spirits. There are also cheap Lisa Williams tickets available so that even anyone who is reluctant can believe the unbelievable.

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