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John Denver, a legend of the music industry although left on a jet plane to never come back but his music is still alive. The artist of the seventies has contributed big hits such as Country Road, Take Me Home, Thank God I am a Country Boy and others. The music industry is paying tribute to the artist by celebrating his 15th anniversary and John Denver Tribute: A Rocky Mountain High Concert tickets are available now. This event will be a live touring experience of John Denver’s music and will feature videos of his performance along with the backing of a small string section and his original touring band.

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About John Denver Tribute A Rocky Mountain High Concert

John Denver has an experience of four decades, starting his career in the early sixties. He has contributed to country, folk and pop genres with songs that have travelled through generations and are still famous among people belonging to different age groups. He earned commercial success with his solo performances and released approximately 300 songs in total, out of which 200 were his own compositions. The artist was not only recognized for creating quality music but also because of his style. His passion for music and the joy in his nature reflected in his performances, making almost every live event of his sold out. Denver’s early album releases did not earn him fame instantly. The first commercial breakthrough happened in the early seventies with the release of his fifth studio album Poems, Prayers And Promises that got ranked at the second position on the Billboard Charts soon after the release. This was his first milestone that encouraged him further to continue making effort in experimenting with music and turned the artist into a valuable asset of the music industry. John Denver released 23 studio albums in total and was the 53rd highest selling artist of the world by selling 33 million records. The artist is no longer alive but his fame hasn’t died and his albums continue to sell in thousands every week.

The lineup of the original John Denver Band performing in the event includes Chris Nole, Jim Horn, Nate Narnes and Alan Deremo. Each musician has a specialty of his own which when combined together end up in an outstanding live performance. Horn is known for rock n roll music and has toured with legendary bands of the music industry such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Elton John, U2 and others. Other than him, Chris Nole, the pianist has got the honor to perform with Faith Hill, Shellby Lynee and others. Also his compositions have been featured in television productions such as Heroes and Men of a Certain Age. Nate Barnes is a drummer and has toured the world, specializing in hip hop, funk and rock music. Their talent complements each other and the combined effect on stage is amazing. The band is paying a tribute to the artist and will bring four eras of music on stage. The audiences will get to enjoy contemporary and traditional tunes of three genres and will make this concert an extraordinary experience along with the original visuals of the artist.

Fans from across the globe were aiming at the availability of cheap John Denver Tribute: A Rocky Mountain High Concert tickets and now, that they are on sale, the concert has already become one of the hottest events of the year. Have you got your John Denver Tribute: A Rocky Mountain High Concert tickets as yet? If not then it is the best time! Get your hands on them before they are all sold out!

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