Hit the Road Jack A Tribute to the Songs of Ray Charles Tickets

Ray Charles is an artist who will remain in the hearts of music fans for many years to come. His services to the world of blues, soul and jazz music have been recognized by acclaimed artists across the globe. In his career that spanned over six decades he released a whopping fifty-five studio albums with many of them entering the US Billboard charts. A tribute show has been planned for this legendary musician so all Charles fans should come. Get your Hit the Road Jack! A Tribute to Ray Charles tickets and enjoy his memorable music in a tribute show.

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About Hit the Road Jack A Tribute to the Songs of Ray Charles

Hit the Road Jack is the name given to this upcoming event in which artists will be reviving the music of music maestro Ray Charles. In Hit the Road Jack! A Tribute to Ray Charles will be celebrating the 80th birthday of this fine artist who is also credited with being the pioneer of soul music.
Ray Charles was born as Ray Charles Robinson in 1930. His birthplace is Albany, Georgia. Charles started losing his eyesight while he was just five years old and by the time he reached seven he was completely blind mainly due to an eye disease known as glaucoma. He went to a Deaf and Blind school where he developed a passion for music. While learning music in school, Charles was primarily taught classical music but his inclination was more towards blues and jazz. Soon he became the most important musician on school campus and he was asked to perform at all major school events such as proms, reunions and socials.
Charles was a musician in a true sense as apart from being a singer he could fluently play instruments like piano, keyboards, saxophone and trombone. Charles never limited himself to just blues and jazz he went on to explore new horizons in music by making music in other genres like gospel, R&B, rock and roll, pop, and country.
Ray Charles has given some hit studio albums like The Genius Hits the Road, Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music Volume 1 and 2, Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul, Sweet & Sour Tears, Crying Time, Ray’s Moods, Invites You to Listen, Friendship, Genius Loves Company, The Genius Sings in the Blues, The Genius After Hours and Genius + Soul = Jazz. His compilation albums include A Man and His Soul, The Best of Ray Charles, The Complete Swing Time & Down Beat Recordings, The Birth of Soul and Seven Spanish Angels and Other Hits.
Some of the singles of Ray Charles that managed to enter the top ten list on US R&B charts included “Mess Around”, “It Should’ve Been Me”, “I Got a Woman”, “Come Back Baby”, “This Little Girl of Mine”, “Come Back Baby”, “A Fool for You”, “Drown in my Own Tears”, “What Would I do Without You” and “Night Time is the Right Time”. Charles was surely a legend and a clear proof of this is that on the list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Times by Rolling Stone Magazine, he is ranked at #10. Acclaimed rock musician and singer Billy Joel cited Charles as more important influence on music than Elvis Presley.
Ray Charles has remained an inspiration for lots of young budding musicians. Legendary singer Frank Sinatra called Charles as “the only true genius in show business”. The tribute to Ray Charles surely will be a concert that will be a memorable experience for all. You should not miss it as cheap Hit the Road Jack! A Tribute to Ray Charles tickets are finally available.  


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