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Elvis may have left the world, but even decades after his departure, his die hard fans can not get enough of The King of Pop. Despair no more for Gino is here. Yes, you heard it, it is nothing short of a resurrection of the King. So it is time for you to comb that coiffure once again and put on your blue suede shoes. One of the world’s most well known Elvis Tribute Artists, Gino Monopoli is here to make you relive that era when music truly lifted your soul. Having performed on multiple venues all across the globe, Gino Monopoli takes great pride in his work and he brings Elvis alive like nobody else can. Gino Monopoli tickets are available and Elvis Presley fans all over the United States are hording to grab theirs as this is surely an opportunity that should not be missed.

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About Gino Monopoli

This Canuck, hailing from Ontario, Canada has taken his childhood hobby to an art form and the result is an across the board acclaim from all in the Elvis Tribute Artists circuit. Only a true fan of Elvis could really fit into those shoes and here again Gino Monopoli fits the bill. One can tell that this guy grew up admiring and idolizing the great singer and it shows as there is an almost worship like reverence in his imitation as he brings to life once again the Elvis years. And he does is so expertly that the audience gets transported to a different world, imagining Elvis Presley singing live in front of their eyes. Gino Mpnopoli has an amazing voice, which he uses to perfection to imitate The King.
Starting out from his early rock a billy days while recording in the famous Sun Studio, Gino Monopoli has come a long way. He has performed all over the world, in several countries and continents. The impersonations go on, as he follows the life of Elvis Presley through his stint in the Army and then his foray into the film and music industries. Then followed the famous comeback Special that began in the year 1968 and finally ending in the glorious years on the concert circuit all over the world. From beginning to end, Gino Monopoli covers the whole life and works of The King of Pop. This is surely an event that will bring back many happy memories for all Elvis Presley fans and promises to be an evening that you would not be able to forget.
Gino Monopoli follows all the details down to a T and leaves the audience feeling as if they have been transported back in time and revisited their own past. This opportunity should not be missed to relive music’s greatest entertainer in all his glory and pizzazz. If you are a true music fan and a great Elvis Presley fan, then this surely a treat for you. An Elvis Presley tribute could not better than this as Gino Monopoli makes sure to bring to life the great man himself, through his mesmerizing vocals and exciting performances. The lookout for cheap Gino Monopoli tickets has begun as fans want to make sure to get the best seats for this incredible musical extravaganza. Bring your friends and families as well and enjoy one of the most memorable musical experiences of your life.


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