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The release of Whitelake has cemented Enter the Haggis legacy as one of the most unique groups today. From the time they first came to the scene this Canadian band has gone on to captivate the hearts of a hardcore fan base that follows every move the group makes. Looks like the stock will continue to rise for a long time to come yet and you can watch them live by buying Enter the Haggis tickets.

About Enter The Haggis Tickets

Enter the Haggis was formed in 1996 in the city of Toronto. The name was decided to compliment the diverse music they wanted to come out with. Their music really is as different as Haggis with random facets fused to compose a new tune. They started off playing locally in and around the city. It was at the turn of the millennium that members of Enter the Haggis really decided team up and perform as a professional group. They were all completing their musical education in institutions around Toronto. The chemistry between the members was there for everyone to see and the show got on the road.
The idea behind the inception of the group was to combine different types of music from all around the world and come up with a fresh sound. Just like during their pre-2000 semiprofessional days, they began their new journey on the road too. Performing at different venues, concerts and festivals their talents began to generate a bit of a fan following. That positive response provided the group with the impetus to work on and release a studio album. Aerials hit the music stores in 2001 and did well. That was followed by Live! in 2002 and Live at Lanigan’s Ball DVD came out the next year.
That was the start of a journey that really got the group gong and put them on the road to stardom. Albums like Casualties of Retail, Soapbox Heroes, Northampton, Gutter Anthems and most recently Whitelake have simply reaffirmed their stature as truly exceptional exponents of world fusion music. The success they have had has also brought their way a numerous appearances on television. The 2003 Mayor’s Cup Festival saw the band perform to an audience totaling up to twenty thousand. That concert was recorded on a DVD as a special for PBS. They have also appeared on shows like Live with Regis and Kelly and numerous others.
The group have stuck to the principles they started off with and that shows in the kind of music they come up with. They still have a long way to go and if they keep on treading the same path then the group will end up reaching the destination sooner rather than later. Now that they are on tour make sure you don’t miss out cheap Enter the Haggis tickets because that is the only way you can catch them live, up close and personal.

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