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Doc Holliday is a Southern rock music band from Georgia that is coming to your town for a great concert. Doc Holliday tickets are selling like hot cakes as the fans are eager to attend the band’s big party! The group is named after Doc Holliday, a Western legend. The band’s first self-titled album released in 1981 hit the top 30 of Billboard 200. The second record by the group, Doc Holliday Rides Again was even more successful than the previous one and ranked at the top. Doc Holliday performed in many gigs and concerts during that time. After releasing the third album, Doc Holliday broke up in 1983 and later reunited in 90s. The third album “Modern Medicine”, by the band was an experiment that mixed Southern rock with the 80’s techno sounds, but the record did not receive much appreciation. The reunion brought success to the group; it toured to Europe and released more albums. Some of the records include Danger Zone released in 1986, Son of the Morning Star came out in 1993 followed by Legacy in 1996. The band released A Better Road in 2001, Good Time Music came out in 2003, Rebel Souls in 2006 and 25 Absolutely Live in 2008. It started gaining attention in the US and their fan following extended to Europe as well.

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The active band members are Bruce Brookshire, the vocalist and lead guitarist, Eddie Stone plays keyboards and guitar, John Turner Samuelson is also a vocalist, Daniel Bud Ford plays the bass guitar and Danny "Cadillac" Lastinger is the drummer. All these members have a musical background with different stories to tell. In its early days the group played around two hundred shows every year with other musicians like Black Sabbath, Charlie Daniels, Molly Hatchet, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Outlaws, Johnny Van Zant, Nantucket, Dixie Dregs, Point Blank, Pat Travers, April Wine and Gregg Allman. The fifth record’s musical number “Song For The Outlaw-Live” was a great hit in countries like Switzerland, UK, Scandinavia, Germany and others. The group began touring Europe frequently, performing in clubs, music concerts and festivals. The year 2000 was started by the band as they gave a live performance in Berlin in front of a 2.5 million fans. The beginning of the year was a success followed by the group being voted for 'Southern Rock Hall Of Fame' in the spring of the same year. The band again toured Europe with its A Better Road European Tour that visited countries like Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany in 2002.
A track named ‘Gunfighter’ was released by Phoenix Records in the album ‘GUNFIGHTER-The Best Of The 90’s’ in 2003, which featured Doc Holliday. The group celebrated its twenty fifth anniversary in 2006 and performed live in Europe. More than hundred live songs were recorded all through that tour which resulted in the release of ‘25 Absolutely Live’ in 2008. Over the years Doc Holliday has received popularity and momentum by sticking to classic country genre while carrying out its infectious harmonies on contemporary hits. Doc Holliday has attained regional acclaim while also attracting many famous celebrities as its fans! The ensemble has continuously been enjoying its success and celebrates the loyalty of its listeners. It is a great band to watch live as the members sure know how to put on a mind blowing show. Crowd participation is highly encouraged by Doc Holliday during its concerts as one of the band members states, “We do this for the fans when they show up and are into the music.” The band claims that if there are no fans, there is no Doc Holliday as it totally thrives on audience participation. So be ready and find some cheap Doc Holliday tickets now to save a spot for the big night!

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