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Classic Albums Live’s concept was presented by Craig Martin in 2003. Since then its events have become one of the stops made by all the lovers of classic music. Some of the finest albums from the past are revived and brought to the live stage once again, giving the listeners a feeling of the era the songs belong to. This time around, CAL is bringing for all The Beatles fan their all time favorite album Abbey Road. The Beatles is one of the most successful bands of all time and was made up of some of the legendary singers of the past which were John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Now their classic music is going to be staged live in your own town, to attend it, book cheap Classic Albums Live The Beatles – Abbey Road tickets today.

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Classic Albums Live The Beatles Abbey Road

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: The Beatles - Abbey Road Mccallum Theatre Palm Desert Saturday
11/18/2017 8:00 PM
Classic Albums Live Tribute Show: The Beatles - Abbey Road Festival Place - Sherwood Park Sherwood Park Saturday
1/20/2018 7:30 PM

About Classic Albums Live The Beatles Abbey Road


The Beatles was formed in 1960 in Liverpool. Initially their music fell in the genre of rock and rock n’ roll, since it was formed during the famous rock era, later on it refined and new genres and subgenres such as pop ballads and psychedelic were also included. The classical music was incorporated in their songs in a very unique way and the band has been famous for its nag for improvisation. The band initially found success in the early 1960’s as they found a huge fan base which was titled as the Battlemania. Over the years their music refined and their lyrics became more sophisticated. They were titled as the cultural observers by several critics and fans.


The Beatles gradually built their repute by playing in clubs and pubs within Liverpool for around three continuous years. Their music was given a professional face by their manager Brian Epstein while their producer George Martin helped in polishing their talents. When they released their first single Love Me Do, they gained success within the United Kingdom and within two years they were international stars. They were often referred to as the "Fab Four" by the fans. Their innovative albums such as Revolution, Rubber Soul, The Beatles, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Abbey Road are considered as some of the finest pieces of work of the music industry.


Over the decades The Beatles gained immense popularity and were honored with several awards and recognitions. They are known for having the most number one charting albums than any other band. In 2012, RIAA announced that The Beatles have sold more than 177 units within the United States alone, which is more than any artist has ever been able to manage. The Billboard Magazine put them on the top of their list of "Hot 100." They are winners of seven Grammy Awards. Being the best selling band of all time, their market hasn’t gone down even after it has been so long since the band has dissolved. Their fan following, that is "Beatlemania" still remains intact and shall always be devoted to their stars.


Abbey Road is The Beatles bestselling album and is also often titled as the "Greatest Album of All Time" by different critics and is perhaps the best work by the group. It was released in September of 1969 and was the band’s eleventh studio album. Being a massive success, the album debuted number one in UK and spent eleven weeks at the spot. It also made it to number one position in the United States. Now you have a chance to listening to the album live. To avail this opportunity of reliving The Beatles Era, book Classic Albums Live The Beatles – Abbey Road tickets now.

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