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The fortieth anniversary of an album by an iconic group is about to be celebrated when Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon celebrations kicks off. Anyone who knows anything about music knows the significance of the album when it comes to role Dark Side of the Moon played in cementing the band’s legacy as legends of the music world.

About Classic Albums Live Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon Tickets

Pink Floyd were formed in 1965. They started off playing in the underground London music landscape. That is when they started to make some noises to get people talking about them. Pink Floyd made their commercial debut in 1967 with the album titled “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.” It was a pretty big hit that is regarded by a lot of people as one of best releases of all time.
They followed it up with “A Saucerful of Secrets” in 1968 and “Soundtrack from the Film More in the year 1969. Both albums received a lukewarm response but that changed with their next album “Ummagumma” later in 1969.  It received positive response from a lot of critics that once again put Pink Floyd back on track as a group.
They once again had momentum on their side and they made it count with their next album “Atom Heart Mother” in 1970. The album was a huge hit that went on to the top of the charts in their native UK and was certified gold in the U.S. “Meddle” hit the music stores in 1971 and received immense popularity in UK to become their second straight big hit in the country. “Obscured by the Clouds” went into the Top 6 in U.K. and among the top fifty on the charts in the U.S. It was what came next that not only changed Pink Floyd’s fortunes but also the world of music forever. The band were a big hit in the U.K by that time but the success they wanted in the U.S. wasn’t forthcoming by then. All that was however about to change and changed in a spectacular way with “Dark Side of the Moon.”
The album covered a lot of varying aspects like mental illness, fights and the effect time has on people. The group spent six months at the legendary Abbey Road Studios between June 1972 and January 1973 working on it. Dark Side of the Moon came out on 1st March, 1973 and the immense acclaim it received from fans and critics alike was nothing short of astonishing. Dark Side of the Moon went to top charts in U.K. where it spent three hundred and sixty four weeks on the charts. It has since captured the sixth spot on the list of the best selling albums in history.
The album went quite a few steps further in the United States. It went to the top of the charts to become the group’s first table topping release and spent an incredible fourteen years on the charts.  It sold a whopping fifteen million copies in the U.S. and received fifteen times platinum status from the RIAA. Dark Side of the moon sold a staggering fifty million copies around the globe to join the list of the best selling albums of all time.
Now fortieth anniversary of this sensational album will be celebrated by Classic Albums Live at the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. Classic Albums Live itself is a concert series formed in 2003. They specialize in re-creating some of the most successful albums of all time in entirety and they do it live on stage for the world to marvel at.  They are celebrating their tenth anniversary with a re-incarnation of Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. It promises to be a very special event by a group of people who know what it takes to get it done. So book your cheap Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon tickets and watch this classic album come to live right before your eyes at a spectacular concert.