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BritBeat Beatles Tribute Tickets Tickets

Established in 2001, BritBeat is an American musical band that produces recreational shows to pay a tribute to the evergreen, The Beatles. Their concert is best described in terms of theatrical performances on the original Beatle’s songs. BritBeat combine vocals, music, costumes, retro look, English accents and multimedia to give their audience a true Beatles experience. The show covers all the popular eras of the music history of The Beatles in an ascending order to captivate the audience in the best possible and authentic manner. Having performed nationwide as well as on several international forums, BritBeat now brings genuine Beatles experience to Hoyt Sherman Auditorium. You can get BritBeat Beatles Tribute tickets to go for a nostalgic musical ride that would leave you craving for more.

About BritBeat Beatles Tribute Tickets

America experienced the ‘Beatles Mania’ with the ‘British invasion’ of the band in USA in 1964. The Beatles became the new sensational wave in the rock music and with their cool and novel ideas, they successfully earned international fame and huge fan base. The middle and later years of their career brought them critical and commercial success and they won many accolades such as the Grammys, Academy Award, Ivor Novello Awards along with several other nominations and recognitions. The idea of re-creating marvelous work of such a historic band was conceived in 2001 by a bunch of talented musicians collectively known as “BritBeat”. BritBeat’s show is woven around popular original songs of The Beatles accompanied by modern concepts of lights and multimedia that perfectly fit the requirements of an exciting live musical performance.
BritBeat contains imaginative music professionals, who after proper research and exploration, bring about sensational musical performances on original Beatles’ songs executed in their true essence. The result is an amazing re-enactment of popular Beatles era and live personification of the juvenile ‘Fab Four’ on stage. The show is divided into three acts and features a live concert covering music history of The Beatles from early years to Sgt. Pepper, The Ed Sullivan show and Abbey Road periods. All elements combined together result in a visual, musical and theatrical show that is built to excite The Beatles’ fans and audience of all age groups.
The concert is divided into three main stages; the early Beatles years, mesmerizing tour covering Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and lastly Abbey Road era. These three eras are presented in a theatrical way with the help of multimedia technologies, costumes and instrumental changes. Songs like “She Loves You”, “I want To Hold Your Hand” and “Twist and Shout” from initial Ed Sullivan times open the show and set the mood of the concert. The concert smoothly moves through different stages with commendable live performances on songs like “Yellow Submarine”, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and “Golden Slumbers”. Such electrifying performances stir up audiences’ emotions and lead them to a journey back in 1960s.
BritBeat remains unmatched in creating the real Beatles experience in recent time. The band’s unique initiative served them well and gained them unparallel fame countrywide. The beautiful mixture of music, lasting Beatles’ tunes and theatrical touch adds life to The Beatles songs. All aspects combined together create a true artistic masterpiece that leaves audiences wanting more. All the classic hits from The Beatles’ different albums performed by BritBeat in professionally and artistically advanced way create a stunning ambiance that is emotionally satisfying and visually appealing to the audience. 
This talented music troupe has been continuously performing at different local and international venues and whenever they perform, the response from the audience is outstanding. Their event is attended by a massive crowd which comes together to cherish the greatest music icons: “Fab Four” or The Beatles. BritBeat is ready to pay tribute to the rock stars of 1960s at Hoyt Sherman Auditorium. It’s time to relive the historic Beatles era and experience something extraordinary. You can now get tickets for this amazing show at reasonable prices that match your budget. Get cheap BritBeat Beatles Tribute tickets as soon as possible for a complete Beatles experience.