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Pink Floyd's eclectic music is reminiscent of a time before the synth-pop laced, gangsta rap laden and auto-tuned sounds of modern music engulfed us amidst a deluge of tweets. And it is clearly obvious that a band has achieved supreme cult status when their tribute bands are making a name for themselves whilst the original band members are still alive and performing. The Brit Floyd Pittsburgh show will be evident of Pink Floyd's awesome power delivered through the latest entrant into their tributary family.

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Taking a cue from the birthplace of the seminal Pink Floyd members with their moniker, Britt Floyd was hatched in 2010 when the constituents of The Australian Pink Floyd Show had a falling out with their management CMP Entertainment. The latter tribute act had been diligently paying their tributary respects to the scintillating legacy of Pink Floyd since 1994 and serenaded David Gilmour himself on his 50th birthday.

Led by lead vocalist/guitarist Damian Darlington in the typical Pink Floyd tradition, Britt Floyd's sound uncannily resonates in perfect harmony with that of the iconic band and will be the hallmark of the Brit Floyd Pittsburgh event. With their first ever performance taking place at the Echo Arena in Liverpool in January 2011, Britt Floyd has been blazing a trail for the past year that has seen pit stops the likes of the Royal Albert Hall and incorporates successive tours across Europe, North America and the British Isles. Get some Brit Floyd Pittsburgh tickets now for being imbibed with a touch of pink for your musical sync.